Tuesday, July 21, 2015

June 30th—July 6th: A Promise from the Mission President

      This week started off with district meeting.  It gave me some help with answers I have been looking for, how to “find” better and how to be “patient.”  On the train ride back we actually taught a fellow and gave him a Book of Mormon. 
I have been struggling with my companion and wish that we worked harder.  I read in “adjusting to missionary work” that when we feel stressed or lonely or what not, to pray and pretend like Heavenly Father is sitting there beside you listening and caring about you like any other father would when their child needs help or council.  I took my own way on that.  I tried writing a letter to Heavenly Father.  It allowed me to put my thoughts in order so they don’t get scattered as I pray.  I have determined that I need to love my companion.  I haven’t been, but I need to.  I need to become a stronger person in the Lord and love unconditionally so that we can come closer to being true disciples of Christ.   
After that, the Zone Leaders called and when they were finished talking to Elder Fernandez, they talked to me.  They told me that where I am at isn’t uncommon. I have to work through it.  They challenged us to give each other a blessing each morning during companion study.  This was an answer to my prayer.  This has helped me a lot this week and my relationship with my companion has improved immensely.
Blackpool is a very large area, and it is not unusual to spend over an hour and 45 minutes getting from one side to the other on the bus.  We do not have anyone that we are teaching.  We have had a few appointments but most have been a bust.  The ward is solid with 50 to 60 active members. 
As I was riding the bus on the 4th of July I talked to a young man named Chase.  As I was getting off he asked “What is your belief in a nutshell?”  Well, being a good missionary I hurried and handed him a restoration pamphlet and told him to call me once he had read it, but I needed to quickly answer his question.  As I was about to get off, I kinda yelled back to him “God is our loving Heavenly Father and he cares dearly for us.”   Hopefully, something comes of that even if it just lifts his day. 
Our week finished off with a fireside in the Manchester South Stake.  It was epic!  It is a fireside where the Mission President calls recent converts to share their testimonies and they are so strong.  They have changed every part of their lives in order to come closer to Heavenly Father.  It really made me want to go to work!  After the meeting I got to go and talk to President Ulrich and he gave me some advice about the Blackpool area, and a promise.  We are to do all of our finding for this week within 1 mile of our flat, do 2 street displays, be 100% obedient, and pray every 2 hours as a companionship.  If we do these things he promised us, apparently his promises have a 100% track record, that we will find 4 solid new investigators.  I hope that this truly happens.

Elder Tarbet

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