Friday, February 26, 2016

February 15th—February 21st: Working with Teresa

Good morning to you all! This week has flown past. I'm not sure where all the time has gone.

MondayWe had pday and then went to the Browns for family home evening with Teresa.  It was a good lesson with Teresa, we talked about prayer and she had a lot of questions that we were able to answer and Brother and Sister Brown were also really helpful to answer her questions and give another perspective on the things that we were saying. It adds weight when it's from more than just the missionaries. Or more than just some kids.  Since being out here, I've realized that my kids will not have iPads, or any kind of mobile devices with games. They waste so much time and I'm so guilty of that in the past.

Tuesday—We helped a single sister build a trampoline for her very active 4 year old. This kid has more energy than the atom. He's crazy. A man in the ward that is getting ready to go on a mission (hopefully) came and helped us. His name is Ethan and is a very good kid. He's the only one in his family who is properly active which for an 18 year old is really really impressive to me. That evening we went and saw Henry. It was an amazing lesson with him. The only problem is that we ran out of time. It was the first time that we have felt that it was right to date him for baptism. We were just about to extend the commitment when he told us that it was time for the bus (it only runs every hour).  It was so frustrating!!!  We could have still extended it but then it would have been rushed and not good. We will try and do it today when we see him.

Wednesday—I was feeling like death since Monday evening so I decided to stay in and sleep it off. I slept all night and then from about 8:00 til about 2:30—it was so nice. I felt a lot better after, not well by any means but not like I was dying.  I just can't seem to shake this stinkin' cold thing. I finally feel better-ish and can actually breathe through my nose but I've still got the sinus pressure. Hopefully it goes away soon or I will have to go back to the doc and get another round of antibiotics.  We went out that afternoon and helped someone move, then we went to dinner at a members. Super low key day but I needed it.

Thursday—We did some service for an eternal investigator that we have. He's great but we are getting nowhere with him as far as the gospel is concerned. We are learning a lot from him. By the time I get home I will be able to basically refinish my whole house.

Friday—We helped an elderly sister to "fix" her computer. I'm not sure what was wrong with it but she said I fixed it so I guess we will see. She couldn't get her email to work but it pulled up just fine for me. I guess at 92 she is doing pretty well to be using email.

Saturday—We taught Teresa and had another solid but frustrating lesson. We had planned to talk about the plan of salvation but ended up talking about Priesthood Authority instead. She really struggles with the word “authority.” We finally got to a very good question that she had and wanted answered, right at the end. We didn't have time to explain it properly so we rushed and confused her more. So frustrating.

Sunday—Teresa came to church. But her ride was an hour and a half late. The members in this ward are awful when it comes to being on time. More than half the ward shows up after the sacrament. It's so bad. But she had a really good experience. I guess the lesson in Relief Society was spot on.  It really touched her and she felt the spirit.

So that's my report for the week. It's been a hard week but a good week. We have stayed more or less busy in doing good things. My legs haven't really bothered me this week which is good.

I hope that you all have a great week and that it's better than the last one.

"Be better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today."


Elder Tarbet

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February 14th: Happy Valentine's Day!

February 8th—February 14th: Waiting for the Lord's Time

Monday—P-day. We played sports with a member and some kids that we do sports with and then teach them after. It was pretty good.  The best part of the day was when we went to see a lady named Veara.  She is a member who lives just across the street from the church, and is 92 (or 93, she couldn't remember).  She has dementia, is only about 4 foot 10, and she kicked all of our butts at pool! She is hilarious!! She has the pool table right in the dining room where most people would have a kitchen table. Nope, hers has a pool table. Super funny! We played with her for a little while and then we actually sang to her (it sounded awful) and it made her day.

Tuesday—Zone Meeting.  I actually missed some of it because I was in with Sister Beech because it was the only time that she could come.  Zone meetings are not my very favorite so I didn't really mind missing it.  The zone leaders are a bit long-winded sometimes.  Sister Beech and I had a good chat and talked about how even though there is nothing that I can do that will directly effect my hip/back/leg I can choose how I react to it and I can also choose to keep looking for things that I can do.  We always have control in everything that we do, even if it is only our attitude.  That evening we had pancake day at the Brown's, which was good fun. They had gotten pancake mix from Costco so it was good stuff! Costco is the only place that has the same stuff as back home. I just need to get a membership somehow and then I can do my shopping there. :)

Wednesday—We taught Margaret in the morning, which was fine.  She is hard to teach because she isn't afraid to interrupt you and change the conversation in some totally strange way. It gets kinda hard, but I guess its good practice for the future. We had dinner at the Quinns which was super fun! They are a pretty young couple who have the cutest two year old that I have ever seen. She is so cute with a funny little personality. They are also a pretty normal family that are a lot of fun. 

Thursday—We helped Sister Hindley with some things at the temperance, just some moving and what not so that she could get a room painted. She wanted us to move some stuff because she trusts us and doesn't always trust some of the volunteers that come in. That evening we taught Teresa with Ethan. She wasn't feeling well but still had us come in anyway. We had a really good lesson with her and talked about Church. She absolutely loved Church and feels like there is something there for her. We could have totally dated her for baptism right then but we felt impressed that it wasn't the right time. Not sure what we are waiting for but hopefully soon.

Friday—We helped the Quinns with some service that they needed.  He was removing the plaster from his walls so that it could be redone. It wouldn't have been a mammoth task by himself but it took the three of us just under three hours to do. Not bad if I say so myself!! We went to the Elsdons that night who are definitely one of my favorite couples in the ward. They are in their mid to late 50's and are very kind. They have had me over every other week since I've been here. They always make lovely food and a home-made dessert. So nice. I am hoping to have Brother Elsdon come out teaching with us to Henry perhaps. We just need to find someone who has an appropriate personality for them.

Saturday—We taught Henry with Brother Quinn (our exchange with him for helping with his demolition).  It was a really solid lesson with him.   We talked about the Holy Ghost, once again we were really looking to date him but I guess the Lord had other plans.  Everything led so perfectly and we had an amazing opportunity but I couldn't get myself to say the words.  It just isn't his time yet I guess. During the lesson, my vision started dancing and shaking with flashing lights and tunnel vision. It made it really hard to teach. We went home and tried to do some other things but my vision was so blurry and my head hurt a good bit so I decided that we should just go home. Elder Singsam wasn't the most pleased with that decision but I know that when I have a migraine the only thing that I can do is to take some Tylenol and to sleep a lot. 

Sunday—I woke up and my vision was better but I still had a bit of a pain behind my eyes which stunk. It went away by after Church. The major highlight of the day was making dinner for a less active couple that night. They have been super good to us. They aren't properly less active they just can't get out much because of health. We made them Lasagna which tasted pretty good. It was nice to be able to give something back to them.

So this week has been pretty good. It had a lot of ups and downs for me, but overall it was pretty good looking back. Hope that you have all had a good week. 

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Elder Tarbet

Friday, February 12, 2016

February 1st—February 7th: Some Really Wet Shoes and Introducing Teresa to the Ward

We started off the week with an exchange with the Zone Leaders. The exchange system is a bit different than it used to be, so now how it works is that we go to the leaders' area and work there. We spent a day and a night in Liverpool. We were able to see a missionary coordination meeting and it was nuts. It was like a really over-the-top board meeting from a movie. They hold it in the High Council Room and it’s just funny. It was super boring because I had no idea who they were talking about. We also did some street contacting in the Town Center and the only people that I talked to were a couple of chavs, some born-again Christians, and some Muslims. not anyone who would listen to the message that we shared. It would be so hard for me to serve in that big of a city and Manchester—that would be the worst!

Wednesday—I had a doctor's appointment for my back and my cold. They gave me an antibiotic and sent me on my way. That evening we taught our Polish investigator named Teresa. She is the best! So spunky and funny!!  She is super prepared and we hope to be able to date her next week for the end of February. She is really solid and is finally opening up to the gospel and to letting us share with her.

Thursday—We played football with some young kids which was fun, I’m super bad at football which is lucky because I’m so bad I don’t fall for the tricks that people that know what they are doing fall for!! I stink at the sport but I force the others down to my level, hehehe!  We also went and saw Margaret. She is so funny! We always leave her flat laughing because she is super crazy and loves to just raz us. Her accent, I think might be the hardest I’ve come across to understand!! She should hopefully be coming to church soon because she will have sorted a ride for her power wheelchair.

Friday—We had a bunch of people in our flat Friday morning. We had Doctor Crane who is the area doctor, Sister Hilem who is the mission nurse and their spouses. So Elder Crane told me (after running some tests of sorts) that I have an inflamed hip flexor and sciatica.  Nothing that really could be done. I could try some ibuprofen if I wanted but that’s about it. It was definitely not the answer I wanted, but it was kinda the answer I was expecting. It doesn’t affect me too much because it hurts independent of what I’m doing so I might as well just keep doing it. That evening I was having a hard time from the news I had gotten so Elder Singsam cheered me up with jumping in puddles along the walk home. I joined in and we both ended up totally drenched! My shoes took two days on the radiator to dry out all the way. So wet!

Saturday—I went and saw Henry with Elder Launer which was good. It was a super intense lesson. We covered a lot of ground! We talked about everything from why we need the Book of Mormon, to Christian history, to why we are different from other churches. So much ground! I think that he understood it and that we kinda helped answer some of his questions. Assuming that we made any sense at all and that we actually did answer his question or just gave him more. That night we met Teresa at the church for a ward activity. It was a 1940's swing dance. We couldn’t really participate in any way but it was really well done. They had a little “Mormon bar” and lights and a DJ.  It was super well done. It was all put on by ward members and everyone brought food so it must not have cost much beyond the time. Teresa had a really good time and it was a great way to introduce her to the ward.

Sunday—We had Teresa at church and she basically taught the Gospel Principles lesson. It was so good!! She was actually answering another sister’s questions (an older lady with no memory and interesting questions) about different things. It was so amazing. I’ve never seen someone that is this prepared. I just hope that we can help her get to baptism and that nothing happens. It’s the Lord's timing anyway and we are just the tools. That night we went to the Grey's and Sister Grey is super into family history so we got to learn a bit more about that and we are going to try and set a time so that she can teach us how to do more so that we can teach our friends. It will be solid!

Hope you all had a good week! Love you all!  

Thought for the week is D&C 123:17—Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed.

Also, his response to Dad regarding how bearing testimony is the real key to conversion:

I have found that a simple testimony is the strongest. Before I came on my mission I was looking for something grand and elaborate but what I know to be true is simple and I can never put into words how I know so I might as well not try. I know that Heavenly Father is there and loves me. I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and our Savior and Redeemer.  They did appear to Joseph Smith and did speak to him and he to Them. I love the knowledge that I have and it has brought so much peace and happiness to me.

Elder Tarbet

Email from Elder Singsam


I'm Elder Singsam! I'm from Auckland New Zealand. I have been out on my mission for 18 months now and I'm loving it! Southport is my fifth area and Elder Tarbet is my twelfth companion! He's a really good teacher and companion, so I'm pretty lucky! That's me in a nutshell :) 

January 25th—January 31st: Service, the Temple, and Appointments

So it has been a pretty slow week. We just did service on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  We helped some people move and we helped strip wallpaper which was a total pain. It was super old and it was slimy after we had steamed it. The steam helped it come off but it was so nasty.

On Wednesday, we went to the Temple.  Absolutely brilliant!!  I love the Temple and I got to take “Edmond I, King of Scotland” through the whole temple from baptism to endowment.  Super great.

We didn't see Teresa this week but we should see her Wednesday. We taught Henry on Saturday, who I love.  He is so great.  He always make me feel happy.  He is so sincere and really cares about us as well.  He was telling me I need to take better care of myself.  I have had a cold for about a month and so he said I need to stop working so hard. It made me feel good just to know that he cared. He's told me to come visit him in China if I ever go. That would be great. He should come to Utah as well hahaha. Our plan is to date him for mid-March. We have been waiting until it feels right though. We have tried before but it didn't work. 

On Sunday, we had church then went to the Smith’s for dinner and had a great time with them.  We then went to the Grey’s who are an older couple who can’t get out so we go to them.  They are crazy and super funny.  If I can be like them when I’m a homebound old person I will be so happy.


Elder Tarbet