Friday, February 26, 2016

February 15th—February 21st: Working with Teresa

Good morning to you all! This week has flown past. I'm not sure where all the time has gone.

MondayWe had pday and then went to the Browns for family home evening with Teresa.  It was a good lesson with Teresa, we talked about prayer and she had a lot of questions that we were able to answer and Brother and Sister Brown were also really helpful to answer her questions and give another perspective on the things that we were saying. It adds weight when it's from more than just the missionaries. Or more than just some kids.  Since being out here, I've realized that my kids will not have iPads, or any kind of mobile devices with games. They waste so much time and I'm so guilty of that in the past.

Tuesday—We helped a single sister build a trampoline for her very active 4 year old. This kid has more energy than the atom. He's crazy. A man in the ward that is getting ready to go on a mission (hopefully) came and helped us. His name is Ethan and is a very good kid. He's the only one in his family who is properly active which for an 18 year old is really really impressive to me. That evening we went and saw Henry. It was an amazing lesson with him. The only problem is that we ran out of time. It was the first time that we have felt that it was right to date him for baptism. We were just about to extend the commitment when he told us that it was time for the bus (it only runs every hour).  It was so frustrating!!!  We could have still extended it but then it would have been rushed and not good. We will try and do it today when we see him.

Wednesday—I was feeling like death since Monday evening so I decided to stay in and sleep it off. I slept all night and then from about 8:00 til about 2:30—it was so nice. I felt a lot better after, not well by any means but not like I was dying.  I just can't seem to shake this stinkin' cold thing. I finally feel better-ish and can actually breathe through my nose but I've still got the sinus pressure. Hopefully it goes away soon or I will have to go back to the doc and get another round of antibiotics.  We went out that afternoon and helped someone move, then we went to dinner at a members. Super low key day but I needed it.

Thursday—We did some service for an eternal investigator that we have. He's great but we are getting nowhere with him as far as the gospel is concerned. We are learning a lot from him. By the time I get home I will be able to basically refinish my whole house.

Friday—We helped an elderly sister to "fix" her computer. I'm not sure what was wrong with it but she said I fixed it so I guess we will see. She couldn't get her email to work but it pulled up just fine for me. I guess at 92 she is doing pretty well to be using email.

Saturday—We taught Teresa and had another solid but frustrating lesson. We had planned to talk about the plan of salvation but ended up talking about Priesthood Authority instead. She really struggles with the word “authority.” We finally got to a very good question that she had and wanted answered, right at the end. We didn't have time to explain it properly so we rushed and confused her more. So frustrating.

Sunday—Teresa came to church. But her ride was an hour and a half late. The members in this ward are awful when it comes to being on time. More than half the ward shows up after the sacrament. It's so bad. But she had a really good experience. I guess the lesson in Relief Society was spot on.  It really touched her and she felt the spirit.

So that's my report for the week. It's been a hard week but a good week. We have stayed more or less busy in doing good things. My legs haven't really bothered me this week which is good.

I hope that you all have a great week and that it's better than the last one.

"Be better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today."


Elder Tarbet

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