Friday, February 12, 2016

January 25th—January 31st: Service, the Temple, and Appointments

So it has been a pretty slow week. We just did service on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  We helped some people move and we helped strip wallpaper which was a total pain. It was super old and it was slimy after we had steamed it. The steam helped it come off but it was so nasty.

On Wednesday, we went to the Temple.  Absolutely brilliant!!  I love the Temple and I got to take “Edmond I, King of Scotland” through the whole temple from baptism to endowment.  Super great.

We didn't see Teresa this week but we should see her Wednesday. We taught Henry on Saturday, who I love.  He is so great.  He always make me feel happy.  He is so sincere and really cares about us as well.  He was telling me I need to take better care of myself.  I have had a cold for about a month and so he said I need to stop working so hard. It made me feel good just to know that he cared. He's told me to come visit him in China if I ever go. That would be great. He should come to Utah as well hahaha. Our plan is to date him for mid-March. We have been waiting until it feels right though. We have tried before but it didn't work. 

On Sunday, we had church then went to the Smith’s for dinner and had a great time with them.  We then went to the Grey’s who are an older couple who can’t get out so we go to them.  They are crazy and super funny.  If I can be like them when I’m a homebound old person I will be so happy.


Elder Tarbet

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