Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 13th—March 19th: New Transfer with Elder Cottrell

New transfer. So this transfer I am serving with Elder Cottrell from Garland, Utah. He has been out for 6 months and this is his second area. He is a good kid (I say "kid" because he's only just turning 19 on Wednesday!!) and has a great desire to do missionary work. It has been a night and day difference from last transfer and I am absolutely exhausted.  I've never been more tired in my life. Even when I was really ill last year and was falling asleep at the drop of a hat, I still feel more tired. It's just deeper now.  But we have been working hard this week. We haven't really found any new investigators but we have found some less actives to work with. One is a really lovely girl named Sky.  She was baptised about 3-4 years ago but had moved and slipped away from the church. Well, she referred herself on and wants to try coming back to church as soon as she can change her job. We also had dinner with bishop again this week on Friday. The bishop and his wife are fantastic, such a great example to me. The bishop took us to meet a less active lady that lives out by them and we talked about how we can help her.  She wants to be retaught all of the lessons again. That makes 2 less active that have just appeared out of no where who want to be retaught. There might be something in this. We are also just trying to find new people to teach. Of the people that we have, Alisha's nan Carol is doing the best. we just really need to get her to church. I think that once that happens she will get baptised.

Other exciting things:
Elder Cottrell is lactose intolerant, which keeps things interesting.
Alisha gave us ghost chili wings which destroyed out mouths.
It has been horrible weather this weekend and we all got drenched.
I think that I know more missionaries that are home than are still out (that scares me and makes me feel super old).
I saw Jackie today and it was fantastic. She is such a great lady. Love her to bits.

I think thats all.  My emails seem to get shorter every week.
Love ya lots!!!

Elder Tarbet
Caelitus Mihi Vires
My Strength is from Heaven

March 6th—March 12th: Transfers and A Good Talk with the Bishop

This week has flown! It's already transfers as well. I will be staying in Burnley and Elder Koh will be going to Ashton. I will be getting an elder that I know nothing about and so it will be a chance to meet him. He has been serving with Elder Morgan whom I trained so it should be interesting. This week I had an exchange with Elder Anderson from Canada (he's the district leader; and is different from the Elder Anderson that is the zone leader) and it was really good. It's just a 4 man district and all 4 of us have been struggling with unity and working with our companions. It was good to just talk to him and "clear the air" so to speak. It was good to discuss with each other how we can help our companions and how we can be better. It was really good. He's a good missionary. He is going to be training this transfer.
The other major thing that happened this week was that we had a really good discussion with the Bishop. He is a brilliant bishop, one of the best I've served around. We talked about the work; we talked about how we can work better as a companionship; we talked about the Priesthood. I think that was the best part. There is so much that I do not know about it. He gave us the challenge to study it more and then he gave me a blessing at the end and in it he told me to understand the priesthood and to live worthy of it. So for the last few days I've been studying section 121 of doctrine and covenants (again, love those sections 121-123) and also have been really pondering what it means to hold the priesthood. What the Priesthood means to me and to others. and so I have a question for each of you. If you were to share with me one thing that you are grateful for about the priesthood or were to explain something to me about it that would be wonderful. I want to hear about it from your different perspectives in addition to my own study.
Nothing else too exciting happened this week—most of the appointments that we had set up fell through which is a pain. Joe came to church again with his dad so that was good. His dad told us that he isn't interested just wanted to have a look around. A seed is planted.

Well hope that you all have a great week!
Love you lots!

Elder Tarbet
Caelitus Mihi Vires
My Strength is from Heaven

Monday, March 6, 2017

Pictures of Recent

Elder Koh after stripping wall paper

The great orm in Llandudno
My trainer going home
My Pie!

February 27th—March 5th: A Busy Week with Unexpected Meetings

This week has been kinda eventful (nice change).  Time is really speeding up and it is strange. Right, anyway, this week. Beware my brain is super frazzled today so I hope that at least some of this makes sense.
So we taught Carol on Tuesday and it was a pretty decent lesson. The lesson was not totally focused because there was a lot going on around the house but it was good. We talked about the Plan of Salvation. It's so simple but yet is so profound. I love it.
Wednesday—we had the doorbell ring at about 9 in the morning and it was the zone leaders. Very unexpected. They wanted to go on an exchange with us. I went with Elder Tate which was good. I didn't really know him at all, so it was a good chance to kinda get to know him a little. It put the whole idea in a bit better light than the last time I had zone leaders show up to go on exchanges randomly. 
Thursday—we found a new friend named Tom. First person that we have really found since I've been here. We were just tracting and he answered the door.  We talked to him for a little then just gave him a Book of Mormon, super awkwardly, and he just looked at us and said, " want me to read this...?" Such an awful door approach.  He invited us to come back in an hour though and that went a lot better.  He invited us in and we had a good chat about the book and answered some of the questions that he had. We are going to see him on a week from Thursday—just enough time for him to get very acquainted with our dear friend google and youtube :/
Friday—we got a call at about 10:30 from President, "Elders, I want you to meet me at the Chorley chapel at 2:30. You need to get a ride to save time."  We were scrambling all morning to get the stuff done that we needed to and get to Chorley. Luckily, members are really nice and we managed to find a lift. We had a good interview with President and he gave us more things to work on.
Saturday was pretty boring. Nothing particularly exciting happened.
Sunday was good.  We had a broadcast stake conference.  Elder Ballard was the principal speaker and Elder Clayton and Elder Dykes spoke as well.  The second councillor in the Relief Society spoke and they were all quite good.  I think that the best part of it was Elder Ballard said to find those quiet moments to "be still and know that I am God." Sound advice. 
So thats been about the week 

Love y'all

Elder Tarbet
Caelitus Mihi Vires
My Strength is from Heaven

February 20th—February 26th: A Busy Week of Tracting

Hello all!!!
This week has been pretty straightforward. Lots and lots of finding. We are still trying to build our teaching pool.  We are having very little success at the time being though and so we keep trying. Some of the members are starting to make a bit of progress with people and so that will hopefully bare fruit at some point. We did teach the couple of people that we have. Joe, Chrissy, and Jessica.
Joe—He has a few things that are holding him back but he seems to have a sincere desire to be baptized and to come to church and do all of those things.   We will keep working with him but he has to keep trying too.
Chrissy—She is 13 and a bundle of energy.   She is really pretty spot on though with what we are teaching and she gets it really quickly.   Sometimes it is chaotic to teach her, but she is so funny and her mom is a less active so some people at church know her and they all think that she is great. The trick is just teaching her for now.
Jessica—She is someone that Elder Koh and Elder Berretta found and had kinda dropped off the radar until recently.  We just had a lesson with her yesterday.  She is so open and sincere.  She wants to know so bad and she seems to have a lot of potential if she has the real intent.
Well, that's basically been my week. Besides those lessons we spent most of the week tracting. Living the dream.
OH! I made pumpkin pie today!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I totally forgot to bring my camera so I can't send you pictures today but will try to next week.

Love you all!

Elder Tarbet
Caelitus Mihi Vires
My Strength is from Heaven