Thursday, December 17, 2015

November 16th—December 7th: Mission Conference, Thanksgiving, and a New Companion

November 16th
The mission had a special conference called “Time out of Elders” on their P-day, which was a great experience for Elder Tarbet and he really enjoyed it; however, it took his P-day, so our emails were very short with basically the phrase, “I’m fine…I’m busy…talk to you next week."

November 23rd
I really enjoyed the Mission Conference.  President Ulrich spoke about our health, both physical and spiritual, and had a question and answer session.  The best part was that I was able to spend some time and talk with Sister Ulrich. She is great and easy to talk to and is genuinely concerned and loves the missionaries.  The next two days after the conference, I had exchanges with Elder Jolley (from Viewmont) who is the Zions Leader, and it was the best!  It was so much fun!  We just had a great time, he is so natural, which is great. He has found that balance between having fun and working hard, which I have been striving to find.  I have had companions on each end of the pendulum, and I haven’t been able to find the middle.  I have learned that I need to find that balance and Elder Jolley has got it figured out.  While I was with him, we went and saw Sarah (Sister Collard—a member who we are trying to help come back to Church), and had a great time talking to her on the door step while Hurricane Barney knocked us back and forth and totally drenched us.  I was so stinking wet.  When we walked home (the trains were down because of the wind), it stopped raining and was just blowing like crazy, it actually worked like a giant hand dryer and dried us all out.  It felt similar to the wind storm we had back home a few years ago, but not quite as bad because we could still walk.   The next morning, we had the brilliant idea to go to the beach, the windiest part of the area.  It was good fun.  We actually talked to a couple, but they couldn’t really hear us over the wind.  At one point Elder Jolley pointed his umbrella straight into the wind to block the blowing water and he couldn’t open it, the wind was too strong to even push it open.  It was super fun. 

I truly love this area and the people that we are working with.  I have come to love most of the people that we are teaching—Davis is just fantastic and he is so sincere.   He has such a great desire to learn and to improve himself and to help others.  He is someone who you just know you can trust. 
November 30th
Well, my first Thanksgiving in the mission field.  We had two Thanksgiving dinners that were nice.  I loved the one at the Stanley’s because she is an American so it was a proper turkey and stuffing and everything and it was so good.  The mission dinner was okay, a catered turkey dinner.   Dave is really doing well.  He has recommitted himself to getting his life on track.  He feels like he’s in a rut and can’t get out.  He is going to try the addiction recovery program to just have a chance to talk out his issues with someone and I think he will be able to help others.  We have  been teaching Grace, who is the Bishop’s granddaughter.  The hard part is that Elder Dimartino got a bit off subject, and ended up teaching about Kolob and other deep topics.  I can’t help him much when he gets into those.   We met a new person, Maria, who is a Slovakian.  She is too new to have much info about right now, but she looks promising. We had a really solid lesson with her, again, until Elder Dimartino started into the mysteries.

December 7th
I can’t believe that I will be out 6 months this next week.   I went on exchanges with Elder Cain one day this week.  He is super relaxed and very English.  He has the proper Queen's English and the sense of humor to match, haha.  We have been working with Maria, who is Slovakian and is super good.  She has a little 18 month old who is crazy!  Maria is 21 and has a great desire to find God.  She was raised by her Lutheran missionary parents, but was never baptized or had any desire then.  We have continued to work with Dave.  He is doing well.  He has a great love of questions.  We have decided that he doesn’t necessarily want the answers, he just wants to know that we have them…hahah.  A lot of them he can’t understand because he is asking about the roof of the house before even having moved a shovelful for the foundation.   The young men from the ward fixed us dinner one night this week.  It was nice of them, and fun.   On Sunday, I found out that I’m being transferred to South Port.  My companion is from Sweden and goes home at the end of the transfer.  I am very excited.  South Port is a very posh area, with many older people.  Not sure how much teaching will happen, but I’m excited either way.  I’m sad that I will be leaving Maria and Dave. I have grown to love them, as well as several members of the ward here, and will certainly miss them.

Elder Tarbet

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Missionary Work in Crosby

Elder Dimartino, Elder Tarbet, Damien, and Brother Hatton

Elder Dimartino, Dave, and Elder Tarbet

Brother Hatton, Elder Dimartino, Dave, and Elder Tarbet

The 4 Elders that serve in Crosby (at church)

Book of Mormon class

October 19th—November 9th: A Summary of the Past Few Weeks

Here is a summary of the past few weeks—sorry for the delay! Not Logan's fault, but more the fault of his not so faithful blogging family.  

October 19th
This has been a good week!  We actually had some good things happen and Elder Dimartino has helped me get through some hard things and to understand some things better.  We have an investigator, Dave, who is progressing nicely.  He is facing some challenges but for now, we have been able to help him and teach him.  We also taught the Plan of Salvation to some drug dealers when we were tracting and didn’t realize it until 20/20 hindsight which was actually kind of amusing, thinking back on some of the stuff we said.  

It has cooled down a lot.  It is typically 10 degrees (Celsius, which is about 50 degrees Fahrenheit).  I have been buying my winter stuff.  I have bought some jumpers (the family was concerned that he was becoming a cross-dresser, but it is the English word for sweater) and a really nice coat.  It was good to have my Italian fashion consultant (Elder Dimartino) there to help me if Mom couldn’t be there. 

We have been getting to know some of the ward members more.  You mentioned being Shirley Watts's Facebook friend.  I really like her and she is totally crazy (fun crazy), and she reminds me a lot of Jean Weinberger, our neighbor.  She is a regular at our Book of Mormon class.  There was an issue last time and she said she wasn’t going to come anymore, but she came, which was a huge boost of spirit for me.  She is really great.  Mark Hatton is another one who is really kind to us and helps us a lot.  

On P-days, we have been going to Liverpool to shop and have gone to a couple of museums.  Nobody has been all that jazzed about going to the war type museums which is a shame.

You asked about our transportation.  We use busses and trains a lot.  The area here is smaller than Blackpool both by population and by area but the busses and trains are so much better so we use them a fair amount. 

October 26th
We taught Damien this week again.  It was at a dinner appointment with Brother Hattan.  Brother Hattan is a perfect person for Damien.  They are both fun.  We had liver at the dinner appointment which was the first time I have had liver.  It tasted like a strange roast beef.  After dinner Brother Hattan took us to Book of Mormon class, and Dave was there too, which was wonderful since we had forgotten to call and remind him.  After class we took him on a tour of the church and showed him the baptismal font, and he expressed a desire to be baptized.  We have dated him for November 14th

Throughout the week we continued to work with Dave, who is really good.  He is very smart and very sincere in his desire to change himself for the better and see this as a great chance.  As we meet with him, I honestly picture that man as a young men’s leader.  I can hear him saying. “Alright lads, we are going camping”…in just the proper English accent.   

We had a couple of street displays this week.  They were okay, but nothing really came out of them to report.

We have been getting to know the Collards, who are a part member family.  They are great.  Sister Collard has made us some of the best cakes, muffins, and cookies…all chocolate….all are to die for.

Sunday was a good day.  Dave came to Church and had put on some dress clothes which was really good.  At the end of the day, we went to the other Elder’s flat to hear about transfers.  I’m going to stay in Crosby with Elder Dimartino for another transfer.  It is going to be another good transfer hopefully. 

November 2nd
The highlight of the week was the mission fireside and it was very nice.  I really enjoy listening to President Ulrich speak.  He has such a strong testimony.  Brother Hattan took us and our investigator Dave.  Dave said it was an answer to his prayers to be surrounded by happy people.  A room full of happy people with no real reason to be happy.  President Ulrich’s testimony really touched him as well.   

It’s just been a relatively boring week.  At the street display a chav came up and was asking sincere questions, which is always good.   We did a lot of 2 man street displays which aren’t my favorite, but Elder Dimartino loves them.  They are hard.

You asked what I have learned from each of my companions so far.  From Elder Fernandez I learned how to relax a little bit and not take myself so seriously.  From Elder Faupula I learned that there is a time and season for all things, and I have learned a lot from Elder Dimartino about the gospel because he is very knowledgeable.  He knows so much and wants to make sure the people we are teaching know everything too.  That makes our lessons go a little long sometimes. 

We have been working with Nicole and Becky who have been really helpful.  One of them has been less active for years and is just coming back with the help of the other and the other is a convert.  They are both very good girls and have been so much help.  They are 27 and 31 years old.  

Our time changed a week ago, and so the sun goes down about 5:00 and comes up at about 8:00 now.

November 9th
This week has been pretty boring as Elder Dimartino has been sick.  He was sick on Thursday, determined to go out on Friday, which made him more sick so we were in on Saturday and Sunday.  I have used the time to read the Old Testament student manuals.  I am about ¾ of the way through them, which has been really good.  I have learned a lot.  I also organized the map of the area on my iPad—identifying the less actives and the potentials that we are working with.  I also scrubbed the mold off the window seal and other places.  I scrubbed so hard the mold is gone, but so is the paint. 

At a street display we taught a lovely Irish woman who was about infinity plus 12 years old.  She was crazy, but hilarious.  When we were through talking with her me and Elder Dimartino were grinning from ear to ear, which was good because the next appointment wasn’t there.  As we were walking away, Elder Dimartino saw a couple working on a garden and didn’t realize that they were contractors, so he stopped and offered to help.  They, of course, refused but we got talking.  Their names were Kelly and Alan, and we left them with a Book of Mormon and our phone number.  I don’t know if anything will come of it, but we can pray that it does. 

We met with both Damien and Dave too.  Every time we see Dave, I am just impressed with how the spirit works.  We go in with one lesson plan, but the spirit directs us to teach something different, and it ends up being a really good lesson.  Dave is getting some issues straightened out, but it will postpone his baptism for quite a while.  It is better than it could have been, and was actually an answer to Elder Dimartino’s fasting and prayer.  Damien is dated for November 21st, but we will see!!! 

You asked about the Collards, who is the lady who is Mom’s competition on baking…making wonderful cookies and cakes.  They moved here from Wales about 6 months ago.  We ran into one of the daughters at a street display and got their address to go stop by.  The mother has been a member for about 10+ years and the daughter who we met for about 5ish and the youngest has not been baptized.  The mother has poor health but she is very nice and has a great desire to learn.  She has had some interactions with the Jehovah’s Witnesses and quite likes their way of thinking so up to this point we have been trying to help her see the difference in how she feels with us versus with them.  We are trying to help her understand that we bring the spirit and they just bring facts.  

You asked about a gospel principle that I have gained a stronger testimony of lately.  It would have to be fasting.  When we were fasting for Dave, it was the hardest fast ever, my head was killing me.  Things are working out for Dave, albeit slowly, but I received a very great deal of comfort that our Heavenly Father does listen to and answer our prayers.  Sometimes we just have to take a bit of time sorting out those answers. 

Elder Tarbet

Sunday, October 18, 2015

October 18th: Missing This Smile!

Nothing better than receiving a picture of our favorite Elders from our new friends in England!

September 21st—October 11th: A Hard Couple of Weeks

We haven’t updated Logan’s blog for a few weeks.  He has been a bit down and has been struggling so his letters have been short.  Here are some excerpts of his emails for the last few weeks:

Alma to the Zoramites:
These last few weeks have been the hardest of my life. I have been run through the meat grinder if you will. I have been torn up and spit out. I think I am still in it to be honest. I have felt abandoned and spit upon but you have all gotten me though. In your own ways and in your own prayers on my behalf and in each of your emails. I now understand how Alma felt when he went to preach to the Zoramites.  They were the most stiffnecked and wicked people in all the land.  Well, that describes how I have felt lately.  We have run into a lot of unhappy, mean spirited people. 

You have all been amazing examples to me throughout my life—examples of love and of courage and of friendship. I love all of you more than I can put into words. I am so grateful to have each of you in my life and know that if I was missing one of you I would be missing a very key piece to getting me through this rough patch. Thank you so much.

Book of Mormon Class:
We teach a Book of Mormon class every other week.  We got tired of just reading through the chapters going from one person to another, so Elder Dimartino decided to actually use the white board and teach a lesson about the war chapters, since we both love them.  The class is suppose to be for investigators, but it is mostly the older people that come.  We have had Maggie, who we have been teaching there lately.

Elder Dimartino
He has 4 brothers and his family are members, but not active.  He was baptized when he was younger but that’s about it.  He wasn’t really active till about 19 or 20.  He has been out for 6 months, and has spent the whole time in Crosby.  He is 22.  His English is constantly improving.  He is a lot of fun and I have really enjoyed being with him.

General Conference
General Conference on the other side of the pond was fun.  We spent Saturday evening in Liverpool and watched Saturday morning.  We went in early on Sunday morning and watched all the other sessions but Sunday evening.  I will have to read those talks when they get published.

Members in Crosby
The branch is quite small, but the members have been very good to us.  We have been spending quite a bit of time with several of the less active families.  We have spent some time with a less active family the Collards, which has been a highlight.  They made us cake and cookies and they were properly nice cookies.  They were so good.  I think that Mom might have some competition on her cookies!!  We had two sisters from our ward talk to us at conference and basically planned out for us how we are going to get everyone baptized.

We have also worked with two members Nicole and Becky.  They have been amazing and have been what has kept me sane because they are just so positive.  They gave me a journal with all kinds of positive quotes written inside the cover.  They had given Elder Dimartino a goody box a few weeks ago when he was “getting transferred” (he got transferred to me, changing apartments, but staying in Crosby).  
Here is a text I received from a lady we have been working with.  It made my day:

"Be not afraid of moving slowly, be only afraid of standing still. Chinese proverb. Sometimes it may seem like you are getting nowhere fast, but don't be discouraged, your actions have more effect than you realise.  The message you left cheered me up. It was in line with what Nicole and I had been studying. It sparked a discussion about faith between my nanny, dad and I that lasted well over an hour. Some disagreements occurred but were settled by reading from the bible dictionary.  After reading, my nanny (a very strong stuck-in-her-ways Catholic) said "I'm glad that you are a Mormon, it may not be the true religion but at least it teaches good principles and everything that they've said about faith is true." After leaving Nanny's, me and my dad continued talking about faith.  We re-read what it said in the bible dictionary and read the scriptures listed there. I told my dad about the scripture you guys had recommended and we read it together. (I have never read scriptures with my dad before in my life!). We started talking about our own faith and what we had confidence in. (Or in a very conversational way we bore our testimonies). All this came from one slip of paper. Don't underestimate yourselves, you have more impact than you know."


For the most part it has been the warmest I have had in England. 

Elder Tarbet

September 28th: A Spoof of the District Videos

September 28th: Elder Dimartino and His Wonderful Fashion

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 14th—September 20th: My new companion—Elder Dimartino

I truly love hearing about your weeks no matter how boring you think they are, I love being like, oh they went to Walmart sounds like fun, haha. Sorry I don't have my camera with me so I can't send you any pictures.

This week has been good, it is crazy the change from Elder Faupula to Elder Dimartino. Elder Dimartino is from Sicily and has been in Crosby for his whole mission and is very happy, but very direct in following the rules which will be good for me because that hasn't always been the case with some previous companions. Again, he is just a very happy person.  What I have learned is that some missionaries are going through a mission but aren't letting their mission go through them, if that makes sense.

Anyways, so this week we did some service on Tuesday and that was about it, Elder Faupula packed that evening. Wednesday we went to transfers and then me and Elder Dimartino did some street contacting and then that was about it. On Thursday, we cleaned the flat and (re)organized it. I was so glad because it really needed to be cleaned and organized. Friday we played football with some investigators and had a great lesson with a kid named Connor who is very religious in his own way and loves the bible. Very good kid and we hope to teach him more. Saturday we had a street display in St. Helens which was ok—nothing great and nothing terrible. Sunday we met with some members and had dinner with them and also with the other elders.

Anyways I am about out of time to write for now but I hope that this will get you by for this next week.

Elder Tarbet

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 7th–September 13th: The End of Another Transfer

This week hasn’t been anything to put in the record books or long term memory.  On Monday, after doing our regular p-day activities, we went into Liverpool.  That is a city that is really neat.  The old mixed with the new is very unique.  Because Liverpool was a major target for the Blitz, many parts of it were leveled but they did a very nice job rebuilding it—at least the city center, the rest of it is poor like the rest of the country.  On Tuesday, we had District Meeting.  It was very good.  Elder Hulterstrom is very inspired and very knowledgeable.  It started off with a discussion about working with the ward because St. Helens is struggling.  I offered the idea that Dad had used in his first area in Alaska.  After that discussion, we had our proper training on charity, using President Uchtdorf’s Mormon message.  I love how the spirit teaches.  In the past, that video has been about kindness to others but this time the message to me was about forgiveness.  If I am to be forgiven of my sins at the last day then I must forgive others.  Not only others though, I need to forgive myself.  I know in my head I have to do that, but my heart is a little slower.  After that we did a street display. Both of the street displays we did this week were the worst I have ever had.  People were mean and grumpy.  I got yelled at a lot.  If they didn’t yell, they simply ignored us.  That night we went to dinner at the Bishop’s house.  It was very nice, pork roast, baked potatoes and onion rings.  On our way back we were walking along minding our own business and a car comes screaming by and they yelled something and threw a card candy (looked like jaw breakers) at us.  It really stung when it hit. 

Our service this week included doing some gardening for an older couple in the ward, and some yard work for another member.  I trimmed the hedges and Elder Faupula mowed the lawn.  We tried to go and do more service at Anna's but she was extremely drunk so that didn’t work out so well.  We also conducted Book of Mormon class at the Church.   

It is transfers this next week.  Elder Faupula is going to New Castle Zone to be a District Leader.  Elder Dimartino, who is one of the other Elders serving in Crosby is coming to my flat and will be my companion.  Elder Halterstrom, the District Leader will be getting a new companion. 

That’s about it for this week.

Elder Tarbet

Sunday, September 13, 2015

August 31st–September 6th: The Temple and a Fireside

The two highlights of the week was definitely going to the temple on Wednesday and the missionary member fireside on Sunday.  I just loved the feeling of the temple and I learned so much!  It is the same each time but also different.  When I went to the temple, the question I had in my mind to find an answer to was how to be a better missionary.  The answer I got was two parts: (1) find joy in the work (2) don’t seek after the honors of men, you are here for the Lord and the Lord alone, and don’t forget that.  Until that time, I didn’t realize that I was getting into the mission culture of baptisms and numbers and “Oh, I taught so many people how many did you teach?” or “I gave out more Books of Mormon than you did.” The fireside was fantastic.  Recent converts bore their testimony and told their story.  Then at the end, President Ulrich bore his testimony about the restoration.  It was so powerful.  He went through the first vision and all that.  It was brilliant.  I love listening to him teach and bare testimony because it is so powerful.  He knows!!!!!

To update you on the people we have been teaching:  Damien dropped us and his mother is determined not to act on the things she has felt but the spirit keeps her coming back so we shall see.  She has definitely felt the spirit.  She went to the missionary member fireside with us, so she definitely felt the spirit there.   Eleta is getting the answer she needs for the Book of Mormon but she doesn’t recognize it.  She says that she gets it sometimes when she reads but other times no.  We actually met her husband this week who seemed nice. We have a new investigator (well friend might be a better word for now) Adam.  We meet with him at the Church.  We played chair football.  It was super fun.  So what you do is everyone has a chair and the goal is to protect your chair while getting other people out by touching their chair with the ball.  It is a lot like revenge dodgeball.  The last game we used as an object lesson.  We didn’t use any of the rules, and it just got all messed up.  It was to teach him the value of the “rules” that God gives us to live by.  It was really good and he is starting to open up a bit. 

We did a little more service for Anna, and we had some street displays.  We met some good people, and hope that something comes of them.  It was a crazy busy week. 

You asked about the food.  I think it is pretty normal.  I think a little bland but not too terribly different from back home.  I have had sausage rolls (that Kade and Phil talked about), and it was fine.  Not really anything to write home about, hahaha.  The ward is super small so we don’t get fed much.  Usually once to twice a week. 

The reason I am here is for Heavenly Father.  To be 100% honest, I would rather be home and in school and with my friends, but there is nothing that would make me leave because I know I have been called of God to be here and that is where he wants me.  He is the man with the master plan so that is why I’m here.  I know this is what I need to do that that this is where I need to be.  I’m not here for me, and I’m not here for anyone else, I am here because this is where Heavenly Father wants me.

Elder Tarbet

Thursday, September 3, 2015

August 24th—August 30th: Another Busy Week—Teaching, Exchanges, and Service

Last pday, we did our usual activities and then went into Liverpool so we could go to the museums.  They were neat.  We mostly went to the Mayan exhibit, and of course as missionaries, we had to look for the bits of things that related to the Book of Mormon or to Christ’s Church.  In general, we found a few things on the older items, mostly dated from about 600 to 900 AD. 

After District meeting on Tuesday, we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I worked with Elder Carpentier, which was great.  I learned a lot about myself and things I can improve upon as a missionary and as a person.  We did a short street display and I taught 4 lessons and got a pretty solid new investigator so that is good. 

We did a lot of service this week.  One day we cleaned up this lady's yard and did some weeding and trimming. When I first saw her lawnmower, I thought it was a toy for one of her grandchildren.  The thing was tiny, plastic, and fire engine red.  It was an electric lawnmower.  I will never be convinced to buy one of those things ever, utter rubbish, fighting the cord was a pain.  The thing was about 1/5 the size of one of my mowers.  We dug out some stumps.  We ate, shared a scripture and left, but not before she rubbed my head and called me babe… now if that wasn’t awkward.  We also helped another family do some paving stones on their patio. 

We taught Daymien twice this week—both times trying to teach about the commandments and the word of wisdom.  He likes to talk a lot and the first time we had a hard time getting him to not talk and to listen.  He wants to keep the commandments but doesn’t understand the urgency.  Daymien brought his Mother to Church on Sunday which was great.  We know where he gets his gift of gab from.  We tried again to teach the Word of Wisdom.  I think we got through better.  Now he just has to understand that there is no baptism till he is living it. 

We taught Electa too.  She is having a hard time because she hasn’t gotten the answer to the Book of Mormon’s truthfulness.  We worked on how to pray properly (she wasn’t doing it in Christ’s name, which is quite common over here for some reason).  Brother Scott came with us.  He is a very devout member with a massive heart.  Her daughter Emily was shy this week, so we could teach a little bit better.  She didn’t come to Church this week as she is often at her mother-in-laws on the weekends, but she has promised to come this next Sunday to the fireside and to Church.  Her husband is a long haul truck driver across the UK.  We haven’t met him but he did take her Book of Mormon to read, so we gave her another one.  I got to talk to Elder Streble (Michael Streble) from Viewmont.  He is in this mission and served in this area.  He wanted some addresses.

We did another street display later in the week.  I had a woman that really wanted to argue and bible bash with me but it wasn’t working because I kept agreeing with her because she was arguing for us not against us.  Oh it was killing me because she wanted to argue so bad but it wasn’t working.  She would step as she argued so I would step back and her husband was standing in the middle as I backed around him he was just grinning.  I was as well.  She was trying to be angry but me and her husband grinning wasn’t letter her.  We parted well and her husband took a family search card.  Apparently family history is wrong as well but he wanted to try it…funny, funny. 

I know that this church is true. I have received witness after witness that it is. Nothing can change what I know to be true, I have received it from God and no man can tell me otherwise (Satan is pretty tricky though).  Prayer is the greatest blessings that we can ever be given, the Atonement being a close second. We as fallen mortal human beings get to talk to the All Mighty Being who created us. And through the power of the atonement he will forgive us every time we ask, if we do so sincerely. 

Elder Tarbet

August 24th—August 30th: Pictures in Crosby

The 4 Missionaries from Viewmont High School

Elders do still have a sense of humor!
Elder Faupula and Elder Ogram

And they try to argue with statues?
Elder Hulterstom

Elder Tarbet and Elder Faupula

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August 24th: A Letter from Elder Tarbet's Companion

Hello Tarbet family,

Sorry for this strange random email but I am your sons new companion. I hope he's told you, if not well, then I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Elder Faupula. I am Tongan and come from Southern California, a place called Ontario. I have been on my mission about 13 months, so slowly getting there but not quite. Enough about me, your son is an amazing missionary that will change the culture of this mission and I am not saying that because you are his family, but I sincerely mean that. If there are a few words to describe him as a missionary it would have to be fearless, bold, personable and many other things positive. He can just walk on a bus or train and talk to anyone and he definitely abuses his American accent (because the people love it here) as an advantage. I have trained three missionaries previous to Elder Tarbet and can honestly say when I am with him, I feel he is the senior companion and just serving with another missionary. He definitely keeps his purpose in mind ALWAYS. He also gave me Elder Fernandez's tie, so I appreciate it and it looks nice, thank you. Well, hope the family is doing well and I will do all to make him a better missionary than me and help him reach his potential. We have a friend named Daymon and he is dated for baptism the 12th of September so please keep him in your prayers that he will prepare well to meet his date and also pray that we will help meet his needs. 

Thank you Tarbet family. 


Elder Faupula EMM (1st foreign mission)

Friday, August 28, 2015

August 17th—August 23rd: An Opportunity for a Baptism

This week was a bit bi-polar.  The highs were high and the lows were low.   

The best part of the week has definitely been meeting Daymon.  He is about 26 years old.  Previous missionaries have tried to meet with him, but he never shows.  Well, he met us and we taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ, faith, repentance, baptism, and confirmation.  We kind of missed endure to the end, my fault.  Oh well, I’ll do better next time.  As we were teaching him, you could tell the Lord has been preparing him for a long time.  He had never read Alma 32:21, but he basically gave us the same definition of faith that is given there.  He kept saying that he is normally not this open, but something just felt right.   When we got to baptism, he told us that he is terrified of water and even just the font (we showed him) made him nervous.  He said though, that he knows that Christ won’t let anything happen to him when he gets baptized.  He actually said “when” and not “if.”  He came to a baptism (her name is Bright, and she was taught by the other Elders) on Sunday morning, and then stayed for Church.  So, he spent four hours at Church and then stayed and talked.  He and the members took to each other and he was very active in participating in the various lessons.  After the baptism we asked him how he felt.  He said it was the first time he felt “pure joy.”  We committed him for baptism on September 12th, which gives us about 3 weeks to get him ready.  He knows that this is the right thing for him.  He is a smoker, so that could be a bit of a problem. 

The other good discussion we had this week was with Eleta.  She is a very good woman who deeply loves Christ.  She has a very active 3 year old, who distracts Eleta during the lessons.  We taught her with the Bishop.  He was fantastic and handled it super well and played (entertained) her daughter as we taught.

Our street displays were most unproductive this week.  I struggled in being able to form a reasonable sentence for some reason. I hadn’t been feeling myself so I asked Elder Faupula to give me a blessing when we were at the chapel.  It was a most powerful blessing and instantly brought back the spirit I had been missing.  He told me to study the powers and rights I have as a bearer of the Priesthood, and that I shouldn’t lose the passion I have.  He actually basically quoted a bit from my patriarchal blessing about learning the atonement and sharing it.  It just changed everything around for me—just brightened my day back up and put the “sunshine in my soul.”  Which is good cuz we had a thunderstorm so sunshine needed to be somewhere. 

Last Monday our district went to the beach and played rugby.  It was super fun.  I am absolutely rubbish at rugby.

Elder Tarbet

Thursday, August 20, 2015

August 10th—August 16th: First week in Crosby

To recap the last couple of weeks:

On P-day, we got a call from President saying that I was going to be transferred to Crosby with Elder Faupula, for follow-up training.  Elder Fernandez would be staying in Blackpool and Elder Maughn would be coming here.  Basically, Elder Maughn and I are switching places.  There are parts, like the strength of the members that I will miss, and parts, like the general hardness of the hearts of the people, I will not miss.  I will also miss Elder Fernandez.  Although we have had our struggles, you can’t live six weeks with someone and not find the good in someone, and miss that. 

The next day was busy saying goodbye to members and to Karina and Paul.  They continue to be up and down, one minute they want us to come and the next minute they don’t.  They had texted us and said they didn’t want us to come so I texted them and told them goodbye because I was leaving, and then they immediately called and wanted us to come.  We went there and chatted with them.  After we left I got a call from Karina saying how grateful she and Paul were for me and that there are people you meet in this life that have an influence on you that lasts longer then the person, and I am one of those people to her.  It was super nice to hear.  I was also able to go the the McLucas, the Hardmans, and Barry.  I am going to miss them.  They are such good people.  The members of the Blackpool ward are so strong, they keep Sodom from being destroyed!  Goodbye Blackpool.  I’ll be back some day.

I was super nervous on transfer day.  I had seen Elder Faupula at meetings before, but I had never talked to him.  After getting to talk with him, I knew that it was going to be a great transfer and I was super excited to be with him.  There is definitely a lot that I can learn from him.

The first investigators house that I went to in Crosby was interesting.  We went there for tea. The house was the most vile place I had ever set foot in.  It reeked of cigarette smoke and there was dog hair everywhere and not a clean surface anywhere.  I really didn’t want to eat there.  We washed his dishes while we waited, and I was glad, at least, that I was reasonably confident that they were clean.  I have never felt the true NEED to bless the food to be healthy but in this case, we did, and really we needed to bless it that it wouldn’t kill us. 

We have done several street displays, one with the District Leaders, others with some other missionaries.  I have been so tired from real work.  It has been wonderful.  A couple of highlights from the street displays was talking to this little 94 year old lady.  She was about 4 feet tall and super fun to talk to. We talked about the war, her travels, and about her life.  It was fun.  The other highlight was talking to a man we had met back when I did a street display in Preston.  He was doing a lot better and was a lot happier.  I also talked to a guy who was super interested.  It was pouring rain so I brought him under the canopy.  He asked the typical question of how we are different than his religion.  I told him about the Book of Mormon.  He asked if he could have a book.  He was like, "I’ll donate whatever I need to please have one."  He went on to ask if I could come and teach him more and gave me his address about as fast as I could get out my planner.  He really wanted to know more.  He took a BofM and about every pamphlet we had so that he could read them before our visit.  I really hope he works out.  We will follow up. 

Beside that, we have done some service helping a man dig a hole for a pond.  It is going to be neat, and I hope I get to see it when it is all finished. I spoke in Church my first Sunday.   There are only about 20 active members in Croby.  It is a small but great ward.  We have done some family history work.  I have about 100 names now.  I have also been trying to study the Bible more.  The Book of Mormon is the powerhouse of conversion but a lot of time it’s the bible that opens the door.  With my iPad it is easy to cross reference. 

The last few days have been the happiest of my mission so far.  I truly love this area and these people.  Elder Faupula is wonderful.  He is a more experienced missionary, been out for over a year, very laid back but still dedicated.  Basically I am super happy.  I am grateful for the blessing I have and for the family I have waiting for me back home who love me.  I love having the knowledge that I have a Heavenly Father as well who loves and cares for me individually.

Elder Tarbet

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 3rd—August 9th: First Week in Crosby

Logan was pretty sparse in the letter writing this week, so pulling together what we each learned:

He was transferred from Blackpool to Crosby on Wednesday, August 5, 2015.  He and another missionary that came into the mission at the same time switched places and are in what they refer to as “follow-up training.” 

His new companion is Elder Kumi Faupula.  His heritage is Tongan but he is from Ontario, California.  He has been out over a year, and has been in Crosby for a couple of transfers. Logan’s comments on the transfer and new companion was “It has been the best 5 days of my mission so far, by far.  It’s really good.  I’m enjoying it, and I’m learning a lot.  It’s great.” 

Regarding Crosby, he said it is “Tiny, Very tiny, but the bus system is also way better.”  There are two other missionaries in Crosby; the District Leaders, one is Italian and one is a Swed.  Their District includes Crosby and St. Helens, and they are part of the Liverpool Zone.  The ward is “uber” small but they are very active. 

So, although the words were lacking this week, his spirit was strong, and he left us knowing that he was safe, happy and fully engaged.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

July 27th—August 2nd: The End of my First Transfer

This has been a pretty busy week.  The first part with meetings, the second with finding and trying to work with the Wilson’s (Karina and Paul).  So, the beginning of the week we had Pday, which was actually our most successful day of the week, go figure.  It was District Meeting on Tuesday.  We actually stayed the night in Lancaster so we could travel easier.  The thing that stuck out most about the meeting was something that Elder Nelson said, “We have to think about what Christ would think if he was with us when we were finding.”  He used the primary song “If the Savior stood beside me”…, would we try to share the Gospel.  Every person that we let pass us is someone that the Savior suffered for that will possibly have to suffer for themselves.  What would the Savior say if he saw us let these people go by without making the effort to help them use His sacrifice for them?  That afternoon we went over to clear up some anti-mormon literature with Karina, which is always fun stuff.  On Wednesday, we were up early so we could make it to Manchester for “First Five Weeks” which is a new missionary training.  On the bus rides,  I talked to 2 people. One man who had seen missionaries before and knew who we are but hadn’t been taught.  It was legendary. Such a great lesson.  I hope that at some point in my mission I can serve in Manchester.  The people there are so prepared.  I guess the grass is always greener…right?  Oh, I got my iPad that day.  It is great,  but still in the box, I will set it up on Pday.  Thursday we had tea with the Boysers, they are an interesting group of people. Haha.  After that we went and did family history.  I found another 17 names to be done.  On Friday, we had another lesson with Karina and Paul, and told them that the way they can come to know these things are true is to read and pray.  We actually did service for the first time this week and I loved it.  We did some lady’s gardening (yard work) so we chopped weeds and pulled weeds.  It was great fun.

The two “member” families I love the most in Blackpool are the Mclucas and Hardmans.  Brother  Mclucas is the Sunday School President but is probably the most missionary minded member of the ward.  He is the best—a super crazy man but I love him and his wife to death.  He is a very simple man as well.  Brother Hardman and his family: Lea Hardman has got to be one of the best people I have met over here.  He is the one that drove us to Manchester for the fireside that one time.  He is the best and he is always willing to come help us but he works a lot and just had surgery on his hand so he hasn’t been able to.  He is a very hands-on kind of man so I think that’s why I love him so much.  He kind of reminds me of Uncle Brooks.  

We are not allowed to visit less actives or part member families unless the Bishop and Ward Mission Leader have cleared them first.  There is a lot of hostility toward the Church and they will do anything to bring us down, like anti-mormon hostility. 

This week (Wednesday) is transfers, and I will be going to Crosby, in the Liverpool District.  Elder Maughn and I are trading places so I will be getting follow-up trained by his trainer and he will be getting follow-up training by Elder Fernandez.  My new companion is an islander.  I don’t know how to spell his name, so I will give you more information next week when I am actually with him.   

During the first “transfer” of my mission, I have learned so much about relying on the Lord while I have been here.  I have never felt closer to Him and I have never felt His love and strength that He can give more strongly.  When you are on your own, miles from any true support besides your companion, it is really hard, it was definitely something that I needed to learn, to rely so heavily on prayer and on the Lord.  He truly is my Father in Heaven and since I haven’t been able to talk to my earthly father as much as I would like to, I have turned more to my Heavenly Father to help and counsel me.  I am so grateful for that knowledge I have in my life that He is there, He is listening, He loves us, and He answers our prayers.  I wish that others would just experiment on the things we teach them enough to be able to know of this wonderful thing for themselves as well.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

July 20th—July 26th: Mission Historical Tour

The highlight of the week was the mission historical tour. We went and toured around Preston, seeing Pres. Hinckley’s flat, Vauxhall Chapel site, the place where the Apostles got attacked by legions of demons, and Market Square where they preached from the obelisk in the middle. We went to the River Ribble where many baptisms took place.  Then we went to this little town in the countryside, called Downham,  where a bunch of people were baptized and the town is still the same as it has been since the 1800’s. There were two parts that really stand out looking back. The first is something that President Ulrich said when we were next to a creek that hundreds were baptized and confirmed at. “We are never alone. The saints on the other side are here with us helping us to continue their work.” The other highlight was in Downham, me, Elder Jolly and three others sang in this Church from the 1600's and it was amazing. I don’t have the best voice but I could follow along when someone else knows what they are doing. It was also nice to see Elder Jolly (Blake Jolly, we graduated high school together). 
Karina and Paul are giving me stress ulcers.  The have dropped us 4 times and then they come back.  Karina has such a strong testimony but she just gives up and goes anti-missionary for a few days.  We haven’t been able to find Peter (the one with cancer who came to the Church for a blessing).  We keep stopping by.  We did meet a new person Amy this week on the bus, and had a great conversation with her.  Right now we really don’t have much in the way of sincere investigators.  One thing I have learned in my first month in England is that English people are very nice until you start talking about the gospel.  I have also learned how to be more bold and just walking up to people and go for it.   We have been here over a month and don’t have a lot to show for our efforts, which is a little frustrating.   I worked with the District Leader on exchanges two days this week, and worked with one of the Zone Leaders on Saturday at a Zone Street display and learned a lot from both.  
To answer some of your questions: 
Bikes:  The way it works is the bikes do not transfer with you.  We have bikes but they are rubbish and would need some serious work to be usable.  
Money:  We get GBP129.00 a month for food and miscellaneous expenses.  We get reimbursed for travel. It has been kind of scary this month because I lost my bus pass and would have had to buy another one (and not be reimbursed), which would have been really hard, but when we went to the bus place to inquire about what to do, they gave me another one that someone had left on the bus, which was a true tender mercy.  
Weather:  Humidity is a killer.  The weather is so unpredictable.  We have no clue what it will be in the evening judging by the morning.  It’s quite a pain.  The rain over here is super strange as well.  We don’t get proper rain, it’s more of a mist that gets you wetter than normal rain. 
Flat:  My flat is a shared house, we have 4 rooms and a bathroom, it is the worst lay out for a house that I have ever seen in my life.  So much wasted space, and terrible design.  We have a washer, dryer, oven, stove, fridge (it’s tiny), blender and a knock off George Foreman.  Yeah, it’s not much but we get by.  
Food & Exercise:  I eat a lot of chicken, and not as many veggies as I should.  My companion eats boxes and boxes of cereal.  I try to have an exercise routine in my flat most morning.  We do a lot of walking.  I wouldn’t be surprised to find holes in my shoes in another two months. I have lost 7 pounds. 
Temple:  We went to the temple twice in the MTC and that was a wonderful experience.
                       Elder Tarbet

Mission Historical Tour Pictures

This is what I imagined England would look like before I came

English countryside

English village—Downham

Mission Historical Tour

The Preston obelisk in the background

Me and Elder Jolly

River Ribble Park

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 14th—July 20th: My First Opportunity to Give a Priesthood Blessing

     As I mentioned last week, last Monday was Brilliant!!!  It was the best day of my mission so far.  It started off with study as usual and planning our training for District meeting.  My assignment is to teach on “asking for referrals.”  Even though it was P-day, we taught a lesson to a lady who had contacted us.  Her name is Korina and her husband is Paul.  She is wonderful.  She just moved to Blackpool and was taught by previous missionaries.  She believes everything and has a strong testimony.  She told us that her biggest dream is to be baptized.  How wonderful is that to hear as a missionary!  She has a powerful addiction to tobacco, but I know that the power of the Atonement is stronger.  We have worked with her through the week and we gave her a blessing on Wednesday.  The mission president had suggested that we move her baptism up to July 25th.  She wants it so bad.  As the week progressed, and at the baptismal interview, it was determined that Karina hasn’t been honest with us and is still smoking, so her baptism is postponed back to August 1st.  President Ulrich said to not postpone it very long, otherwise she will just procrastinate making the necessary changes in her life.  He also said that as we meet with her to spend more time teaching the doctrine and less time focusing on how to stop smoking.  We will start with Faith. 
Peter was the guy that came in and scared us last Monday.  It was a miracle that we were there and that the Church was unlocked.  The second he saw us he asked “Can I have a Book of Mormon and will you give me a blessing?”  We found out that his cancer causes him great pain and he knew that we could help him before he went on to the hospital.  I gave the blessing after Elder Fernandez anointed him.  It was incredible.  I have never felt that way before.  I don’t remember anything I said besides that Heavenly Father loves him and through the power of the Atonement, Christ can comfort us and help us to overcome our pain.  The entire time that I was giving the blessing my head was just spinning.  It was the strangest feeling that I have ever had.  While I was giving the blessing, Peter just kept saying thank you and that he knew Heavenly Father loves him.  After the blessing he immediately stood up and he was telling us how much better he felt.  He gave us his address and we gave him our phone number and said that we would visit him depending upon how long he was in the hospital.  We have gone to his home during the week and nobody was there.  His neighbor said he was still in the hospital.  We have gone to the hospital and they have said his surgery was out-patient, so we don’t know where to find him.  He has our phone number and we will keep trying to reach him.  No matter what, he felt the spirit and knows that Heavenly Father is there for him.
My training in District Meeting went pretty well.  They are way easier than Elders Quorum lessons as missionaries actually participate.  It’s wonderful.  Two other interesting things, is that I found a mouse in our apartment.  I turned on the lights and it shot across the floor.  I got my flashlight and Elder Fernandez and I looked under the washer.  It shot out at us and ran to its hole.  We shoved some plastic bags into the hole until we can buy some rat poison.  I am also proud of myself.  I fixed my shirt pocket that had ripped.  I only stabbed myself like a dozen times as well.  The worst part was threading the needle.  Good heck, it was stressful.
Last thing of the week was when we were at St. John’s square street contacting, two men came up and asked us for directions.  I didn’t know the road but we ended up talking to them for like 2 hours.  Their names are Josh and Bobby.  Elder Fernandez talked with Bobby more and I spoke more with Josh.  He is an interesting character. He was basically raised by a super Protestant grandma and wants to change his life so that he can honor her memory a little and make her proud of him.  He is 19 but has done some crazy stuff.  He quit illegal drugs about 7 months ago and has been clean ever since so he has the strength to change and a desire.  He has a good job. He is a very good person, very bright, nicest person ever, but has made some interesting choices.

Elder Tarbet

Picture of our Street Display

Street Display

July 7th—July 13th: Our First Street Display

     The week started off with us going to Lancaster, which is where all of the other missionaries in our District live and serve.  Our District consists of 4 companionships.  The District leader, the Zone Leaders, a companionship of sisters, and us.  Their area is 1/3 the size of ours and there are three.  It was fun to spend some time together.  We spent the night and then had Zone Conference the next morning.  It was very good.  We talked about the formula of faith which is (1) desire (2) belief (3) action (4) expectation.  The one statement that really stood out to me was “Miracles are Faith in Action.”  I just think that is so true.  We hurried back from Zone Conference to have Tea with Steve, who is an ex-member of the Church, who is a great man, and is actually the ward pianist.  He is super active and helpful to the missionaries.
I have found my street contact stop.  I walk up to them and I immediately shake their hand.  It naturally makes them stop and intrigues them.  People keep saying that I am bold so I will go with that for now.  This week marked my 1 month out in the field.  1 month since I have seen my family.  It sounds like a long time that way, but it has gone so fast.  It is true that days are weeks and weeks are days. I wanted to let you know that I have been getting along with my companion very well for the last week and things are much better.  He isn’t any different but I am.  It is a testament to me that Heavenly Father does answer prayers.
We did our 1st street display which was so hard.  We had a table and it was just 2 of us against so many and was overwhelming.  We did teach 11 lessons though and got one solid investigator so that is success.  I don’t think that I have ever had someone try and walk through me before.  It was like I was invisible to these people.   The next day the rest of the district came and helped us do a 2nd one.  The District and Zone leaders came and brought some banners so that looked actually quite professional, much better than the one we did.  One of our ward missionaries was there, a crazy lady (but super funny), and brought her own street display that was super awkward.  It was a crocheted picture of Christ in a frame sitting on a knit doilie.  She had some Books of Mormon and some pamphlets.  The icing on the cake was that she had a CD player booming super loud.  I was teaching a lesson right there and it was really messing me up so I subtly turned it way down.  It felt like our street display was solid and hers was the competing JW stand.  The only word I have for it is awkward.
I think today, P-day, has been the highlight of the week.  We had an appointment with 2 investigators.  We have set a baptismal date of August 1st,  so pray for them to have strength.  She really struggles with smoking and he is just waiting for her.  Also, as we were at church emailing, some random man came in and scared the poop out of me because he looked drunk.  He has bowel cancer and was on his way to the hospital and wanted us to give him a blessing.  He is a less active, but he still has faith.  He told us to come and visit him and we gave him a Book of Mormon and some stuff to read while he was in the hospital.  We gave him a blessing and immediately he told us how much better he felt and how he felt so much less pain.  It was the first blessing that I have ever given.  I have only done the anointing before.  I will tell you more about it next week.

Elder Tarbet

June 30th—July 6th: A Promise from the Mission President

      This week started off with district meeting.  It gave me some help with answers I have been looking for, how to “find” better and how to be “patient.”  On the train ride back we actually taught a fellow and gave him a Book of Mormon. 
I have been struggling with my companion and wish that we worked harder.  I read in “adjusting to missionary work” that when we feel stressed or lonely or what not, to pray and pretend like Heavenly Father is sitting there beside you listening and caring about you like any other father would when their child needs help or council.  I took my own way on that.  I tried writing a letter to Heavenly Father.  It allowed me to put my thoughts in order so they don’t get scattered as I pray.  I have determined that I need to love my companion.  I haven’t been, but I need to.  I need to become a stronger person in the Lord and love unconditionally so that we can come closer to being true disciples of Christ.   
After that, the Zone Leaders called and when they were finished talking to Elder Fernandez, they talked to me.  They told me that where I am at isn’t uncommon. I have to work through it.  They challenged us to give each other a blessing each morning during companion study.  This was an answer to my prayer.  This has helped me a lot this week and my relationship with my companion has improved immensely.
Blackpool is a very large area, and it is not unusual to spend over an hour and 45 minutes getting from one side to the other on the bus.  We do not have anyone that we are teaching.  We have had a few appointments but most have been a bust.  The ward is solid with 50 to 60 active members. 
As I was riding the bus on the 4th of July I talked to a young man named Chase.  As I was getting off he asked “What is your belief in a nutshell?”  Well, being a good missionary I hurried and handed him a restoration pamphlet and told him to call me once he had read it, but I needed to quickly answer his question.  As I was about to get off, I kinda yelled back to him “God is our loving Heavenly Father and he cares dearly for us.”   Hopefully, something comes of that even if it just lifts his day. 
Our week finished off with a fireside in the Manchester South Stake.  It was epic!  It is a fireside where the Mission President calls recent converts to share their testimonies and they are so strong.  They have changed every part of their lives in order to come closer to Heavenly Father.  It really made me want to go to work!  After the meeting I got to go and talk to President Ulrich and he gave me some advice about the Blackpool area, and a promise.  We are to do all of our finding for this week within 1 mile of our flat, do 2 street displays, be 100% obedient, and pray every 2 hours as a companionship.  If we do these things he promised us, apparently his promises have a 100% track record, that we will find 4 solid new investigators.  I hope that this truly happens.

Elder Tarbet

First pictures in the Field

Day in the life of a missionary

Cool church!

Preston Zone

June 25th—June 29th: First week in the Field

       Well, so much has happened in the last two days and I haven’t had a chance to write it all down, so here it goes.  Yesterday we left the MTC at 6:30, so I was up at 5:15, which was a killer for the rest of the day, especially after I was up til after 12.  Five hours of sleep just wasn’t enough haha.  So we got picked up by the assistants and put on a coach (bus) and taken to the mission home where we met with President and Sister Ulrich who are two of the nicest people I have ever met.  They are wonderful.  We spoke to them briefly before President Ulrich started interviews, then the assistants did some training which was quite helpful.  They made it fun though because we were all exhausted; we were so out of it.  
I didn’t get to be interviewed by him, but I met with him in a small group.  He is a genius.  He knows soo much about the scriptures.  I asked him how I can better feel the spirit and become more in tune with His will.  He told me (us) that the best thing we can do is to read the Book of Mormon, then we read Preach My Gospel and then we pray, and pray, and pray.  He was also telling us that the Book of Mormon talks about Christ and the Atonement more than even the Testaments. 2.6 times a verse in the Book of Mormon compared to 1.7 in the bible, how crazy is that!  Anyways, we went to the church to have a big mission conference and to meet our trainers, I was the last to get mine and I was terrified—never been so nervous over something so dumb.  But my trainer is Elder Fernandez from Sparks, Nevada.
We are white-washing (which means we are both being transferred into the area together) the Blackpool area which is really hard since neither of us knows the area.  We eventually got to our flat and then immediately went and knocked few doors down the street.  That was about it for my first in-field day. 
My trainer is phenomenal!  Such a great guy, he kinda beats to his own drum, but really who doesn’t.  His name is Elder Fernandez and he has been out four transfers.  Well, actually this is his fourth.  He is an amazing guy who is one of the most happy-go-lucky and optimistic people I have ever met.  He was a beach bum in Reno area (Lake Tahoe) before he came out here. Much of our area had been red-zoned (no go) for years and was reopened to use, which could be great when it comes to finding since it is the town center where the vast majority of the people are.  The plan is to try and set up a street display with the whole district because they have started them in Liverpool, where my companion was, and they are unbelievably effective, they had forty lessons in about six hours.  This area has hope and I hope I get to see the great things that become of it
  I got to speak to Elder Jolly today which was phenomenal!  It was so great to hear from someone back home.  I think he is a very good missionary judging from his reputation.  It was good to hear a voice from back home.  
I taught my first official lesson and it went really well, at least I think it did.  We went and just talked with him (our investigator).  He has a very strong belief in God and that God cares about us.  He will be a little bit of a challenge because he has such a strong personality and talks a lot.  We didn’t get to teach him much but we were able to get to know him and leave him with the commitment to read and to pray about the Book of Mormon.  We also invited him to pray for his daughter who has a lot of problems, but I promised him that if he would pray to ask Heavenly Father to let his daughter feel of his love and of Heavenly Father’s love, God would answer his prayer.  After that that we went hunting at St. John’s Square which is where we hope to be able to set up a street display in order to get more investigators.  I can totally understand having been in that area why it is that the area was red-zoned.  Some of the streets in that place felt, for lack of a better term, evil.  I have never felt more uncomfortable with a place I have stood in my whole life.  I shudder just thinking about it and it makes my skin crawl. 
The week ended with a fireside for a young man that leaves on his mission tomorrow and is a convert to the church.  While we were there, after, I had the opportunity to talk to both AJ and Avatar (friends of the convert) and to share with them a little bit about the gospel.  The one thing that they said that really stood out to me was “He (the convert) hasn’t always been this way.”  They had seen the change in him from before he was a member until now, that was what had intrigued them enough to come and talk to us.  I taught them about prayer and about how the things that we know can be confirmed through prayer.  I bore unto AJ in particular my testimony and how it is that God has changed my life and answered my prayers.  I gave him a Book of Mormon (I am so happy I grabbed one) and had him read Moroni 10:3–5 and then we talked about it.  We also talked about Alma 34:17–26 and I left him my email and my testimony that God is our loving Father who wants to hear from us.  He committed to read over the Book of Mormon and the Restoration pamphlet I gave him and most importantly to pray about it.  He never would have let any of that happen if it hadn’t been for the example of Jason (the convert).  Even if nothing more comes of our chat, Jason has touched lives before he ever became a missionary.  We are the city on a hill.  Our light cannot be hid from the people around us.  We can never know the lives that we will touch just by being ourselves and by living the gospel.  Jason hadn’t told his friends about the gospel, but they already know that it was good before they talked to me because he had let his light shine before the world.

                Elder Tarbet

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Leaving the MTC

First companion in the field: Elder Fernandez

Mission President:  President and Sister Ulrich


June 18th—June 22nd

Thursday – June 18, 2015

Today we went finding.  It was incredible, absolutely, unbelievably amazing.  I was “brought low to be brought high”.  The first person I sat next to was very polite but very firmly not interested so I was kinda crushed.  So then I was sitting there waiting to figure out who to do and this guy with JayBird headphones on got on the train.  I was so excited and so I moved up the train so that I could talk to him across the aisle.  I said a quick prayer that I might be able to get his attention because he had his buds in and couldn’t hear my feeble attempts at contact.  So after prayer, I was able to catch his eye.  I don’t know if he was being polite or what but I was able to place a Book of Mormon and then give him a brief lesson about it along with a pass along card.  Then the next person that I taught was a BBC worker that edits children’s TV shows.  I had a great conversation with him and actually placed a pass along card and Book of Mormon.  I also got his email, which made me super, super happy so the missionaries can contact him.  Then at Piccadilly Square area I was able, with Elder Parkka (he wasn’t with me on the train), to teach and place a Book of Mormon with five people.   It was such a good day.  Then we were teaching Fallon in the TRC (Training Resource Center) and it was a good lesson and we read Alma 34 with her (versus 16 – 32- the end?) and we got her to pray at the end of the lesson.  I have never felt the spirit so strong outside of the Temple.

Saturday – June 20, 2015

We taught Fallon again today and it was phenomenal because she opened up to us, which was great.  I am glad that I had such a great lesson with her today because the rest of the day was not good because the rest of the day has kinda been a joke, Oh, except for one thing.  I was able to get an answer for a question that I have had for quite some time.  “How does the spirit speak to me?”  I found the answer in Moroni 7.  Basically what it says is when you feel the spirit when you think something that is good.  It is from God.  I haven’t ever connected that with my question so it was definitely an answer from God for which I am immensely grateful.  I love this Gospel so much and I want you all to know that!  I invite you to do two things, the first being to take Moroni’s promise right now.  I want you to kneel down tonight and pray to know if the Gospel is true.  You don’t need to have just read the Book of Mormon.  Please do it today.  The second thing that I invite you to do is to pray with a question, and then read the gospel; Book of Mormon, Preach my Gospel, the D&C, the Bible, anything.  Just go to God with a heartfelt question and he WILL answer it I promise.  Just keep working at it. 

OK & now for story time.  My roommate Elder Kamincov plays the saxophone and brought it with him so he plays every morning to wake everyone up, kinda fun.  Anyway, tonight he was showing another Elder how to play a little and people heard him and just kept coming and coming until our room was packed.  Probably a dozen of us.  Then they started playing sax and beating the beds.  I think the best mental picture I have is the Aristocats when they are singing “Everybody wants to be a cat”.  It was a mad house and then people start rapping and it was crazy.  It totally destroyed any hint of the spirit but everyone has their agency.

Anywho.  I love you so much and hope you are all doing well.

Sunday – June 21, 2015

Not much happened today.  We just pretty much sat in meetings all day, which is always a trial for me, but I hope to learn and overcome through the course of my mission.  LOVE YOU ALL LOTS.  I know you are in the Lords hand and I don’t have to worry about you (D&C 100:1)

Monday – June 22, 2015

It was our last lesson with Christian today and it went extremely well.  It was one of the first lessons I think me and Elder Parkka worked well together.  In the past I either push too hard and just ramble or else I don’t push hard enough and I just sit and let Elder Parkka do it all.  The other highlight of the day was Book of Mormon study.  We read as a district in Alma 26.  It was the perfect chapter for me.  It is all about missionaries and that was perfect for what I needed.  The verses that really stood out to me was 12, 20, in connection with 35 and verse 37.