Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August 24th: A Letter from Elder Tarbet's Companion

Hello Tarbet family,

Sorry for this strange random email but I am your sons new companion. I hope he's told you, if not well, then I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Elder Faupula. I am Tongan and come from Southern California, a place called Ontario. I have been on my mission about 13 months, so slowly getting there but not quite. Enough about me, your son is an amazing missionary that will change the culture of this mission and I am not saying that because you are his family, but I sincerely mean that. If there are a few words to describe him as a missionary it would have to be fearless, bold, personable and many other things positive. He can just walk on a bus or train and talk to anyone and he definitely abuses his American accent (because the people love it here) as an advantage. I have trained three missionaries previous to Elder Tarbet and can honestly say when I am with him, I feel he is the senior companion and just serving with another missionary. He definitely keeps his purpose in mind ALWAYS. He also gave me Elder Fernandez's tie, so I appreciate it and it looks nice, thank you. Well, hope the family is doing well and I will do all to make him a better missionary than me and help him reach his potential. We have a friend named Daymon and he is dated for baptism the 12th of September so please keep him in your prayers that he will prepare well to meet his date and also pray that we will help meet his needs. 

Thank you Tarbet family. 


Elder Faupula EMM (1st foreign mission)

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