Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 7th–September 13th: The End of Another Transfer

This week hasn’t been anything to put in the record books or long term memory.  On Monday, after doing our regular p-day activities, we went into Liverpool.  That is a city that is really neat.  The old mixed with the new is very unique.  Because Liverpool was a major target for the Blitz, many parts of it were leveled but they did a very nice job rebuilding it—at least the city center, the rest of it is poor like the rest of the country.  On Tuesday, we had District Meeting.  It was very good.  Elder Hulterstrom is very inspired and very knowledgeable.  It started off with a discussion about working with the ward because St. Helens is struggling.  I offered the idea that Dad had used in his first area in Alaska.  After that discussion, we had our proper training on charity, using President Uchtdorf’s Mormon message.  I love how the spirit teaches.  In the past, that video has been about kindness to others but this time the message to me was about forgiveness.  If I am to be forgiven of my sins at the last day then I must forgive others.  Not only others though, I need to forgive myself.  I know in my head I have to do that, but my heart is a little slower.  After that we did a street display. Both of the street displays we did this week were the worst I have ever had.  People were mean and grumpy.  I got yelled at a lot.  If they didn’t yell, they simply ignored us.  That night we went to dinner at the Bishop’s house.  It was very nice, pork roast, baked potatoes and onion rings.  On our way back we were walking along minding our own business and a car comes screaming by and they yelled something and threw a card candy (looked like jaw breakers) at us.  It really stung when it hit. 

Our service this week included doing some gardening for an older couple in the ward, and some yard work for another member.  I trimmed the hedges and Elder Faupula mowed the lawn.  We tried to go and do more service at Anna's but she was extremely drunk so that didn’t work out so well.  We also conducted Book of Mormon class at the Church.   

It is transfers this next week.  Elder Faupula is going to New Castle Zone to be a District Leader.  Elder Dimartino, who is one of the other Elders serving in Crosby is coming to my flat and will be my companion.  Elder Halterstrom, the District Leader will be getting a new companion. 

That’s about it for this week.

Elder Tarbet

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