Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 14th—September 20th: My new companion—Elder Dimartino

I truly love hearing about your weeks no matter how boring you think they are, I love being like, oh they went to Walmart sounds like fun, haha. Sorry I don't have my camera with me so I can't send you any pictures.

This week has been good, it is crazy the change from Elder Faupula to Elder Dimartino. Elder Dimartino is from Sicily and has been in Crosby for his whole mission and is very happy, but very direct in following the rules which will be good for me because that hasn't always been the case with some previous companions. Again, he is just a very happy person.  What I have learned is that some missionaries are going through a mission but aren't letting their mission go through them, if that makes sense.

Anyways, so this week we did some service on Tuesday and that was about it, Elder Faupula packed that evening. Wednesday we went to transfers and then me and Elder Dimartino did some street contacting and then that was about it. On Thursday, we cleaned the flat and (re)organized it. I was so glad because it really needed to be cleaned and organized. Friday we played football with some investigators and had a great lesson with a kid named Connor who is very religious in his own way and loves the bible. Very good kid and we hope to teach him more. Saturday we had a street display in St. Helens which was ok—nothing great and nothing terrible. Sunday we met with some members and had dinner with them and also with the other elders.

Anyways I am about out of time to write for now but I hope that this will get you by for this next week.

Elder Tarbet

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 7th–September 13th: The End of Another Transfer

This week hasn’t been anything to put in the record books or long term memory.  On Monday, after doing our regular p-day activities, we went into Liverpool.  That is a city that is really neat.  The old mixed with the new is very unique.  Because Liverpool was a major target for the Blitz, many parts of it were leveled but they did a very nice job rebuilding it—at least the city center, the rest of it is poor like the rest of the country.  On Tuesday, we had District Meeting.  It was very good.  Elder Hulterstrom is very inspired and very knowledgeable.  It started off with a discussion about working with the ward because St. Helens is struggling.  I offered the idea that Dad had used in his first area in Alaska.  After that discussion, we had our proper training on charity, using President Uchtdorf’s Mormon message.  I love how the spirit teaches.  In the past, that video has been about kindness to others but this time the message to me was about forgiveness.  If I am to be forgiven of my sins at the last day then I must forgive others.  Not only others though, I need to forgive myself.  I know in my head I have to do that, but my heart is a little slower.  After that we did a street display. Both of the street displays we did this week were the worst I have ever had.  People were mean and grumpy.  I got yelled at a lot.  If they didn’t yell, they simply ignored us.  That night we went to dinner at the Bishop’s house.  It was very nice, pork roast, baked potatoes and onion rings.  On our way back we were walking along minding our own business and a car comes screaming by and they yelled something and threw a card candy (looked like jaw breakers) at us.  It really stung when it hit. 

Our service this week included doing some gardening for an older couple in the ward, and some yard work for another member.  I trimmed the hedges and Elder Faupula mowed the lawn.  We tried to go and do more service at Anna's but she was extremely drunk so that didn’t work out so well.  We also conducted Book of Mormon class at the Church.   

It is transfers this next week.  Elder Faupula is going to New Castle Zone to be a District Leader.  Elder Dimartino, who is one of the other Elders serving in Crosby is coming to my flat and will be my companion.  Elder Halterstrom, the District Leader will be getting a new companion. 

That’s about it for this week.

Elder Tarbet

Sunday, September 13, 2015

August 31st–September 6th: The Temple and a Fireside

The two highlights of the week was definitely going to the temple on Wednesday and the missionary member fireside on Sunday.  I just loved the feeling of the temple and I learned so much!  It is the same each time but also different.  When I went to the temple, the question I had in my mind to find an answer to was how to be a better missionary.  The answer I got was two parts: (1) find joy in the work (2) don’t seek after the honors of men, you are here for the Lord and the Lord alone, and don’t forget that.  Until that time, I didn’t realize that I was getting into the mission culture of baptisms and numbers and “Oh, I taught so many people how many did you teach?” or “I gave out more Books of Mormon than you did.” The fireside was fantastic.  Recent converts bore their testimony and told their story.  Then at the end, President Ulrich bore his testimony about the restoration.  It was so powerful.  He went through the first vision and all that.  It was brilliant.  I love listening to him teach and bare testimony because it is so powerful.  He knows!!!!!

To update you on the people we have been teaching:  Damien dropped us and his mother is determined not to act on the things she has felt but the spirit keeps her coming back so we shall see.  She has definitely felt the spirit.  She went to the missionary member fireside with us, so she definitely felt the spirit there.   Eleta is getting the answer she needs for the Book of Mormon but she doesn’t recognize it.  She says that she gets it sometimes when she reads but other times no.  We actually met her husband this week who seemed nice. We have a new investigator (well friend might be a better word for now) Adam.  We meet with him at the Church.  We played chair football.  It was super fun.  So what you do is everyone has a chair and the goal is to protect your chair while getting other people out by touching their chair with the ball.  It is a lot like revenge dodgeball.  The last game we used as an object lesson.  We didn’t use any of the rules, and it just got all messed up.  It was to teach him the value of the “rules” that God gives us to live by.  It was really good and he is starting to open up a bit. 

We did a little more service for Anna, and we had some street displays.  We met some good people, and hope that something comes of them.  It was a crazy busy week. 

You asked about the food.  I think it is pretty normal.  I think a little bland but not too terribly different from back home.  I have had sausage rolls (that Kade and Phil talked about), and it was fine.  Not really anything to write home about, hahaha.  The ward is super small so we don’t get fed much.  Usually once to twice a week. 

The reason I am here is for Heavenly Father.  To be 100% honest, I would rather be home and in school and with my friends, but there is nothing that would make me leave because I know I have been called of God to be here and that is where he wants me.  He is the man with the master plan so that is why I’m here.  I know this is what I need to do that that this is where I need to be.  I’m not here for me, and I’m not here for anyone else, I am here because this is where Heavenly Father wants me.

Elder Tarbet

Thursday, September 3, 2015

August 24th—August 30th: Another Busy Week—Teaching, Exchanges, and Service

Last pday, we did our usual activities and then went into Liverpool so we could go to the museums.  They were neat.  We mostly went to the Mayan exhibit, and of course as missionaries, we had to look for the bits of things that related to the Book of Mormon or to Christ’s Church.  In general, we found a few things on the older items, mostly dated from about 600 to 900 AD. 

After District meeting on Tuesday, we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I worked with Elder Carpentier, which was great.  I learned a lot about myself and things I can improve upon as a missionary and as a person.  We did a short street display and I taught 4 lessons and got a pretty solid new investigator so that is good. 

We did a lot of service this week.  One day we cleaned up this lady's yard and did some weeding and trimming. When I first saw her lawnmower, I thought it was a toy for one of her grandchildren.  The thing was tiny, plastic, and fire engine red.  It was an electric lawnmower.  I will never be convinced to buy one of those things ever, utter rubbish, fighting the cord was a pain.  The thing was about 1/5 the size of one of my mowers.  We dug out some stumps.  We ate, shared a scripture and left, but not before she rubbed my head and called me babe… now if that wasn’t awkward.  We also helped another family do some paving stones on their patio. 

We taught Daymien twice this week—both times trying to teach about the commandments and the word of wisdom.  He likes to talk a lot and the first time we had a hard time getting him to not talk and to listen.  He wants to keep the commandments but doesn’t understand the urgency.  Daymien brought his Mother to Church on Sunday which was great.  We know where he gets his gift of gab from.  We tried again to teach the Word of Wisdom.  I think we got through better.  Now he just has to understand that there is no baptism till he is living it. 

We taught Electa too.  She is having a hard time because she hasn’t gotten the answer to the Book of Mormon’s truthfulness.  We worked on how to pray properly (she wasn’t doing it in Christ’s name, which is quite common over here for some reason).  Brother Scott came with us.  He is a very devout member with a massive heart.  Her daughter Emily was shy this week, so we could teach a little bit better.  She didn’t come to Church this week as she is often at her mother-in-laws on the weekends, but she has promised to come this next Sunday to the fireside and to Church.  Her husband is a long haul truck driver across the UK.  We haven’t met him but he did take her Book of Mormon to read, so we gave her another one.  I got to talk to Elder Streble (Michael Streble) from Viewmont.  He is in this mission and served in this area.  He wanted some addresses.

We did another street display later in the week.  I had a woman that really wanted to argue and bible bash with me but it wasn’t working because I kept agreeing with her because she was arguing for us not against us.  Oh it was killing me because she wanted to argue so bad but it wasn’t working.  She would step as she argued so I would step back and her husband was standing in the middle as I backed around him he was just grinning.  I was as well.  She was trying to be angry but me and her husband grinning wasn’t letter her.  We parted well and her husband took a family search card.  Apparently family history is wrong as well but he wanted to try it…funny, funny. 

I know that this church is true. I have received witness after witness that it is. Nothing can change what I know to be true, I have received it from God and no man can tell me otherwise (Satan is pretty tricky though).  Prayer is the greatest blessings that we can ever be given, the Atonement being a close second. We as fallen mortal human beings get to talk to the All Mighty Being who created us. And through the power of the atonement he will forgive us every time we ask, if we do so sincerely. 

Elder Tarbet

August 24th—August 30th: Pictures in Crosby

The 4 Missionaries from Viewmont High School

Elders do still have a sense of humor!
Elder Faupula and Elder Ogram

And they try to argue with statues?
Elder Hulterstom

Elder Tarbet and Elder Faupula

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August 24th: A Letter from Elder Tarbet's Companion

Hello Tarbet family,

Sorry for this strange random email but I am your sons new companion. I hope he's told you, if not well, then I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Elder Faupula. I am Tongan and come from Southern California, a place called Ontario. I have been on my mission about 13 months, so slowly getting there but not quite. Enough about me, your son is an amazing missionary that will change the culture of this mission and I am not saying that because you are his family, but I sincerely mean that. If there are a few words to describe him as a missionary it would have to be fearless, bold, personable and many other things positive. He can just walk on a bus or train and talk to anyone and he definitely abuses his American accent (because the people love it here) as an advantage. I have trained three missionaries previous to Elder Tarbet and can honestly say when I am with him, I feel he is the senior companion and just serving with another missionary. He definitely keeps his purpose in mind ALWAYS. He also gave me Elder Fernandez's tie, so I appreciate it and it looks nice, thank you. Well, hope the family is doing well and I will do all to make him a better missionary than me and help him reach his potential. We have a friend named Daymon and he is dated for baptism the 12th of September so please keep him in your prayers that he will prepare well to meet his date and also pray that we will help meet his needs. 

Thank you Tarbet family. 


Elder Faupula EMM (1st foreign mission)