Wednesday, August 5, 2015

July 27th—August 2nd: The End of my First Transfer

This has been a pretty busy week.  The first part with meetings, the second with finding and trying to work with the Wilson’s (Karina and Paul).  So, the beginning of the week we had Pday, which was actually our most successful day of the week, go figure.  It was District Meeting on Tuesday.  We actually stayed the night in Lancaster so we could travel easier.  The thing that stuck out most about the meeting was something that Elder Nelson said, “We have to think about what Christ would think if he was with us when we were finding.”  He used the primary song “If the Savior stood beside me”…, would we try to share the Gospel.  Every person that we let pass us is someone that the Savior suffered for that will possibly have to suffer for themselves.  What would the Savior say if he saw us let these people go by without making the effort to help them use His sacrifice for them?  That afternoon we went over to clear up some anti-mormon literature with Karina, which is always fun stuff.  On Wednesday, we were up early so we could make it to Manchester for “First Five Weeks” which is a new missionary training.  On the bus rides,  I talked to 2 people. One man who had seen missionaries before and knew who we are but hadn’t been taught.  It was legendary. Such a great lesson.  I hope that at some point in my mission I can serve in Manchester.  The people there are so prepared.  I guess the grass is always greener…right?  Oh, I got my iPad that day.  It is great,  but still in the box, I will set it up on Pday.  Thursday we had tea with the Boysers, they are an interesting group of people. Haha.  After that we went and did family history.  I found another 17 names to be done.  On Friday, we had another lesson with Karina and Paul, and told them that the way they can come to know these things are true is to read and pray.  We actually did service for the first time this week and I loved it.  We did some lady’s gardening (yard work) so we chopped weeds and pulled weeds.  It was great fun.

The two “member” families I love the most in Blackpool are the Mclucas and Hardmans.  Brother  Mclucas is the Sunday School President but is probably the most missionary minded member of the ward.  He is the best—a super crazy man but I love him and his wife to death.  He is a very simple man as well.  Brother Hardman and his family: Lea Hardman has got to be one of the best people I have met over here.  He is the one that drove us to Manchester for the fireside that one time.  He is the best and he is always willing to come help us but he works a lot and just had surgery on his hand so he hasn’t been able to.  He is a very hands-on kind of man so I think that’s why I love him so much.  He kind of reminds me of Uncle Brooks.  

We are not allowed to visit less actives or part member families unless the Bishop and Ward Mission Leader have cleared them first.  There is a lot of hostility toward the Church and they will do anything to bring us down, like anti-mormon hostility. 

This week (Wednesday) is transfers, and I will be going to Crosby, in the Liverpool District.  Elder Maughn and I are trading places so I will be getting follow-up trained by his trainer and he will be getting follow-up training by Elder Fernandez.  My new companion is an islander.  I don’t know how to spell his name, so I will give you more information next week when I am actually with him.   

During the first “transfer” of my mission, I have learned so much about relying on the Lord while I have been here.  I have never felt closer to Him and I have never felt His love and strength that He can give more strongly.  When you are on your own, miles from any true support besides your companion, it is really hard, it was definitely something that I needed to learn, to rely so heavily on prayer and on the Lord.  He truly is my Father in Heaven and since I haven’t been able to talk to my earthly father as much as I would like to, I have turned more to my Heavenly Father to help and counsel me.  I am so grateful for that knowledge I have in my life that He is there, He is listening, He loves us, and He answers our prayers.  I wish that others would just experiment on the things we teach them enough to be able to know of this wonderful thing for themselves as well.

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