Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February 22nd—February 28th: Henry, Teresa and Another New Couple

So this week has been a bit of a blur, I'm not going to give as much of a play by play but a recap will have to do. We will see how I like it and you all like it.

So this week we taught Henry twice, on Monday and on Saturday. Both were super solid lessons and we finally got to invite him to baptism, he said no though. He is a bit of a perfectionist and so he doesn't see himself as being ready to be baptized. He feels like he needs to be perfect before he can get baptized or anything like that. We now get to explain otherwise as he has a bit of anxiety from his perfectionist tendencies. So guess who else has struggled with this? This kid, so when we finally found out that was why he was holding back I was super happy, I am so excited to get to help someone overcome what I've struggled with. It's gunna be great. While we were there on Saturday, he fed us some Chinese food that he had made and it was dead nice. He made a salad of sorts that was so good.  It was such a strange flavor but was so good.

We also taught Teresa this week with Bishop Fullwood. That was a very good lesson as well, Bishop was fantastic to bring. He is a solid missionary.  We were able to address the problem that she has with the concept of authority. He talked about his role as bishop and how it all works. It was way better than we could have ever explained it. We were able to invite her to be baptized, but she said not right now as well. Not shutting the door, just not wanting to walk through the door yet. It is a very big decision for her because of the change that it would be for her family. She wants to know, and she feels that the Church holds something for her, but she isn't sure yet.

We found a less active lady named Heddi, she is great. She is so nice. She also has a super interesting life. She was married at 16 and was married till her late husband died at 50 ish. She's married again and her now husband, Peter, has Alzheimer's disease. It's so funny to watch them interact because he will sometimes realize what's going on and get some understanding that she's talking about him or bossing him about. He hasn't lost his dry, dry, dry sense of humor, so funny. He was telling us the other day that he is on a "see food diet," he sees food and he eats it. I've heard that before but never from an 87 year old with Alzheimer's. He's something like 6'3" and she's like 4'11" some odd, I would have a hard time believing that she's over 5 foot. It's kind of a Dave and Nedra relationship if I had to compare it to someone.

Funny story of the week was when we had dinner at a members' house and we were talking about Donald Trump, of course, and I just happened to be wearing the tie that Kayla gave me that was a Trump tie.  Anyways, the funny part was the members (husband and wife) bounced back and forth making jokes about his toupee, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Holy cow, they were making fun of him the whole night. That is every member here's favorite joke, anything about Donald Trump. What's actually going on there with him? Is he really winning? Will he be the next president? Will he destroy the country? I need answers to give to people who ask me! Hahahaha the members expect me to know even though they have the news and the Internet and I don't. In fast and testimony meeting (yes, I was surprised too, it caught everyone off guard when it was announced) a sister in the ward shared her testimony. She talked about how the house that she is living in right now has a massive mold problem. They have lost like half the house to the mold and since its a rental they can't really do anything.  Long story short, she told how that when you accept what is, your suffering goes. When you accept the reality that you face, and allow God to help you, then things get better. It doesn't always change, but you do. I really liked it.

So that's my report of the week. It's transfers this week and me and Elder Singsam are staying together for another transfer in Southport. Elder Carling from Kaysville is staying and Elder Lauener from Switzerland is going to a place called Chester right near Wales. Hope that you all have a good week and will talk to you soon!


Elder Tarbet

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