Wednesday, March 9, 2016

February 29th—March 6th: Success in Knocking Doors

Hello! It's Monday and another week is on the books. We have been really busy this week doing quite a lot of service for a community building that a member runs. They have a very large collection of old junk so we have been helping her all week to get rid of some of it.  She has been kinda forced to trash a lot of it because the fire brigade is kinda breathing down her neck about it. I guess it's a substantial fire hazard. They are a bit obsessed with health and safety here.

Monday—Pday. Super, super fun day, we went to the sand dunes and had some good fun there, until we got stuck on the wrong side of a swamp and had to walk for about 2 hours to get around it. That was a pain.  After the sand dunes, we went to Bro. Turner's house and recorded a song. Elder Singsam and Elder Lauener had both been really wanting to do it the whole transfer and it was the last chance. We did a version of "Ye Elders of Israel." We did it a capella and then we added some percussion in after and so it turned out really nice—at least the rough version that we have heard. I hope that we get the finished thing soon, I can't wait to send it to you.

Tuesday—We knocked on two wonderful doors. One was a former investigator who was a born-again Christian. He was kinda nuts, but I about died laughing when he answered the door in short shorts. That was funny. He had a lot of good questions that I didn't have answers for so I've been studying them all week and have been able to find the answers to them. The other door we knocked that was amazing was an older Catholic couple. That was the first time in my mission where I've been tracking and someone invited me in. We talked to them for a while and the man was so funny. He would explain some Catholic beliefs to us and then would ask, now that you know the truth, are you ready to convert? Hahahahaha, his wife who used to be a nun would just slap him and say, "Oh Peter be nice to these boys, we are all serving the same God." Funny funny.

Wednesday—We helped at the Temperance all day. Maybe on a scale of good better best we could have found a better use of time but it was still good.

Thursday—Went to the doctors in Liverpool, this doctor was way way better than the last one I went to. He actually did an examination and tried to figure out what was wrong. The result was that I have the inflammation left over from some kind of infection but my sinuses are dry. He gave me a nasal spray to help the inflammation and then told me to use menthol crystals and rub. Anything to get the blood and water flowing through my sinuses. No more runny nose, just a nice sinus headache.

Friday—We went to my appointment with Sister Beech that was good. We then went and saw some less active ladies who are the best! They are hilarious! They also feed us regularly so that's great. We also are hopefully making some progress with them as well.

Saturday—We went to Ormskirk. We did some tracking and for the second time in my mission I got let in immediately. He was super nice and we got a time to go back. Hopefully it works out. We then taught Henry and had a great time. He is learning so much and is so smart. He just wants to know everything before committing.

Sunday—We skyped Elder Singsam's parents, as it was Mother’s Day here. Then went to church. Then went to the fireside.

Love you all!

Elder Tarbet

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