Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March 14th—March 20th: A Great New Family—Gabriel and Ana

Howdy all!

Besides the fact that I kinda feel like death it's been a really good week!

We have worked quite a bit with Gabriel and Ana this week and that has been so much fun! It's so hard to teach them because of the language barrier but that is starting to be the only barrier. They have started opening up to us and they aren't as shy as they had been when we first came around. Their kids are absolutely hilarious! It's funny because they will be there fighting over a toy despite all that Gabriel and Ana can do to get them to share and then they will just come over and hand us the toy and want us to play with them. It is so cute. Their family was supposed to come to church yesterday, but two of the three children woke up sick so they couldn't come.

This was a good week with Henry as well. We did our first Skype lesson with him which was great.  It will never replace actually going to his house to see him, but for during the week, just to check up on him or answer one of his questions, it's perfect. It saves us a 2 hour round trip bus ride. This week he actually wants to come and spend time with us. He's going with the other missionaries to the beach, (the plan is for me and Elder Carling, who are both sick, to stay in today.) He then wants to come out a few times with us this week and be an "assistant missionary."  He's going to come teaching and tracting and talk to people in the streets.  It's going to be interesting for sure. Not sure how it will work logistically or any other way for that matter, but it will definitely be fun and it will be good for him. Our goal is to have him dated for and basically ready for baptism by the end of the week.  Some members have offered, as well, to have us over so that Henry can come visit them. Like I said, I'm not sure how this is going to work, but we will see.

The miracle of the week was when we went to go visit the friend of ours that we have been doing a lot of service for. We hadn't seen him for ages, so we felt like we needed to rearrange our plans to try to go by and see him. We didn't have a lot of hope for him to be in, but we went anyway. It turns out that he was in and so he invited us in to talk and after a bit we ask him how everything is going with his remodeling. So he shows us around the room that we worked on and then he wanted to show us the tile that he was going to put on the floor in that room.  He had it in another room he's been doing. We went in a side room and the light wouldn’t turn on, so I just flip the switch and leave it, to see if it might just need to warm up or something. Well it suddenly flips on and it's dripping water with a huge wet patch on the ceiling. So he turns everything off, the power, and the water are shut down so that no further damage is caused. Long story short, if we hadn't have gone over and asked to see the rooms and all of that, he wouldn't have gone into that room for a couple of days. (It's a really really big house that he is redoing) (and he's 68) (and he's got a bad heart).  By the time he would have otherwise gone in that room,  it would have been a total mess.

So that's been my week. I love you all and am so very thankful for the blessing that you all are in my life.

Elder Tarbet

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