Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 11th: Made it to the MTC

Mom and Dad,

I have made it safely here after a very long flight. 3 hours of sleep isn't nearly enough but I suppose it will help me beat the jet lag sooner (hopefully) haha. So the sun is shining and it is definitely quite warm out. The humidity hasn't hit me yet which is good so i haven't yet acquired the afro. Nothing too much to report yet, I wasn't able to place my Book of Mormon. The couple that were drinking wine the entire flight didn't seem to be interested and I didn't push. I had a heck of a time understanding her which concerns me. Hope everything is going well there and I will email you the next time I can (Monday?), hopefully with more to talk about.

Love you guys, hope you are doing good.
Elder Tarbet (Weird)

PS: I just got my tag

PPS: These keyboards are super weird

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