Monday, December 19, 2016

December 14th—December 19th: Nadolig Llawen

  This week has been pretty good. Nothing too exciting has happened. We had a branch party on Friday, which was interesting. It's a really strange thing—lots of people there on Friday but on Sunday there was no change from normal attendance. Today we are at a family party for a member of the branch and her children and grandchildren. They asked us to help and so I'm just trying to email while Santa (a very skinny Irish Santa, no less) passes out gifts. So, that is my excuse for a very scanty email. 
  This week we saw a lady named Emma who we have been teaching (not sure if I've mentioned her before).  She is lovely. She is super nice and has a really strong desire to know if there is a God. She has been taught all of the lessons previously by other missionaries, but because she doesn't have any kind of religious background, she didn't fully understand the lessons, so we are going though them again to really make sure she understands. She has fun questions—all very sincere but she is sometimes very far ahead of the current point that it makes it a bit hard.  She is friends with a couple of the members from a group that they all attend. It's funny because when she asks these questions the member goes on to answer but it ends up leaving her more confused because she doesn't understand that background of the answer and it is hard for him to be simple. It's funny. She came to church on Sunday and had a really good experience we think (and hope). We are seeing her again this week. 
We have seen Josh around a few times this week but we've not had any lessons with him. He came to the Christmas party and seemed to have an ok time. We have had a couple of good chats with Christina this week as well.
  Something that I've come to appreciate more and more these last few months is how my experiences on my mission have expanded my testimony so much.  It has really helped me to understand the Atonement especially. I love Jesus Christ and I am glad that I get to tell people not only about His birth at this time of year as we celebrate it, but all year round. I get to tell people of the joy that Christ brings into my own life. From the little baby in a manger to a Saviour in the garden, from a humble carpenter to the risen Lord. I am grateful for the experiences that I have had to be able to understand who the baby in the manger truly was.

Love you all and hope that you have a Merry Christmas

Elder Tarbet
Caelitus Mihi Vires 

My Strength is from Heaven

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