Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December 19th—December 24th: A Busy Week—Sealings in the Temple and Traveling Through Wales


   This week has been great—really busy but also really crazy fun! On Thursday, we had our mission Christmas party and got to do a few hours in the temple.   I got to do baptisms, initiatories and sealings. That was incredible! I've never done sealings before but its neat to see the thing that we want people that we teach to finally reach. 
   Right so this week we taught Emma. She wasn't feeling up to being taught much so we just talked and Paul (a member) shared his testimony of the Atonement.  It was very powerful, if it didn't help her it definitely helped me.   We also got to teach about the plan of salvation and fasting and about receiving answers (3 nephi 11) this week.  And we met a really great family that goes to a different ward. She is super nice and has a great testimony despite massive challenges in her life—maybe because of those.
  We met an ex-member who is now Presbyterian and doesn't like the church, she invited us to dinner but her husband who is still a member but less active called and canceled it, which was okay. 
   Not sure what else is going on, we spent a long time traveling to and from Chorley—5 hours on public transport each way.  Wednesday and Thursday were long days of traveling. We left at 6 Wednesday night, spent the night and finished our travel in the morning. Then Thursday we left at 6 from Chorley and got home at 11:30. The Elders that live in Porthmadog had to spend the night because they would have gotten home at 8 the next morning if they had tried to continue on haha. 
Traveling in Wales isn't easy.

Love ya all!
Elder Tarbet

Caelitus Mihi Vires
My Strength is from Heaven

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