Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 10th—January 15th: An Update on our Investigators

Hello Everyone! 

I hope that everyone had a great week! I believe that this is the first or second week of school for everyone? Lucky you. School has started back up here so its good to have the crazy teenagers back off the streets. This week the weather has been pretty bad for this area, high winds and just not very nice. Friday the wind was crazy, then it started to hail. It was a wonderful day of beautiful weather. Wales is so pretty though the mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. It's just great.

The people that we are working with:

Christina is doing well—Josh is really a great influence on her. He gets her to read and to come to youth and everything. Josh is really self motivated, it helps a lot.
Emma—we haven't seen all week.  She is really hard to meet with. She leaves early in the morning and gets home late at night. We have been trying to keep contact with her via text and call but that is a challenge sometimes as well. We try though. She is really enjoying the Book of  Mormon and prayer. She says that she feels great. We would love to date her for baptism but we can't ever seem to meet with her. She didn't make it to church on Sunday and we haven't been able to get ahold of her. Hope all is alright! 
We taught a man named Boo again this week. He is a bit of a philosopher, so we struggle to really go anywhere with him but he likes what we teach and what we believe. He is a really nice man, but also very busy so the struggle is once again meeting with him. 
The newest person that we have right now is a lady named Patricia and her son Antony. Patricia is in her early sixties, from Liverpool and been living here for about a year. She is super nice, not really overly keen on the gospel but enjoys having us come around and talk to her and Antony.  They are both really nice people.  
So transfers are the end of the month. I don't know if I will stay or go. I don't think that me and Elder Cossa will stay together. It's been loads of fun to serve with him but I'm not sure that they will have us both stay, might not be good for the area. We were told by one of the members that has been here for about a year that we are the most successful missionaries they had seen here, so that was a great thing to hear.  It's really slow here, we don't find many new people to teach—maybe three in a really good week. We didn't find any this week but the people that we are working with are slow and steady progressing. 
We went on exchanges this week with the elders from Rhyl. I got to go with Elder Cepeda who is from Dublin, Ireland.  I kept trying my horrible impression of an Irish man and it was good fun. I think that if anything my American accent has gotten stronger whilst I've been here.  I'm going to come home sounding Texan not English ahaha.

Love ya all.

Elder Tarbet
Caelitus Mihi Vires
My Strength is from Heaven

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