Thursday, February 2, 2017

January 16th—January 22nd: A Migraine and A Room Full of Questions

Hello all!

   This week has been pretty boring. I am currently on day 5 of a migraine. It's been a bit better today but the screen is destroying me so this week will be kind of short.
   On Tuesday, we went on exchanges. I went with Elder Jensen. He is so tall (6'7") but is a great missionary. We had a pretty discouraging start but stuck at it and ended up in an incredible set up. We went to help Christina with her lesson for young women's.  We started helping her (Josh was there too) when another of her friends shows up. We had been there maybe 5 minutes at this point, so Josh and Tom get talking while I kind of keep Christina on track so that we can get her through the lesson. It was not too long until Elder Jensen (who is a legend) jumps into Josh's and Tom's conversation and starts teaching the restoration "just so that you understand what we are talking about" and Josh started helping to teach too.  He had a pamphlet and was saying what he believes right along with Elder Jensen. I kept working with Christina on her lesson but was listening out of one ear.  Elder Jensen has only been out for 3 months now but is a great missionary. Then Christina's brother named Alex, who also isn't a member, comes in and is listening and asking questions. Tom then starts asking questions so me and Christina start teaching Tom while Josh and Elder Jensen and Alex are having a lesson about the Book of Mormon and Plan of Salvation. It was incredible! So much goodness going on in one room. Overall, it was a wonderful lesson. Tom left with a Book of Mormon and wants to learn more. Alex really likes us and now comes out and talks with us when we go over there. He almost came to church yesterday. He has trouble sleeping and was finally able to sleep so fair dues.
  That's about the only thing to report from this week. Thursday my head was dying and light felt like a dagger, then Friday my eyes just wouldn't communicate with my brain and my head felt like a drum. Saturday, my head was exploding again and light was the devil. Sunday I was out most of the day, but by evening my head was absolutely killing me. Today we went out, but my head is hurting really, really bad so I'm going to close. Been doing everything I know how to do to help it, but nothing seems to touch it.

Elder Tarbet

Caelitus Mihi Vires
My Strength is from Heaven

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