Wednesday, February 22, 2017

February 13th—February 19th: All or Nothing

This week has been really pretty boring as far as missionary work goes. We have just been finding all week this week with almost no success. We did meet a man on Saturday that was really nice and was willing to have us come back. That was solid. He was just outside modifying his car while we were tracting and so I got talking to him about his car and what he was doing.  Well, we talked to him for a while about different things and then at the end left him with a Plan of Salvation thing and said we would see him next week. Still really not that interesting but it was pretty much the highlight of the week. 
This week I have been contemplating a lot about the concept of submitting to the will of the Father. It is pretty hard, but also a very simple concept. It is something that I really am seeking to do. I am here on His mission so I might as well be doing it his way. Easier said than done. When I tried it at first, it didn't feel any different but after a few days I just got this feeling—all or nothing. You cannot hold back. I think that is really telling. How often have I tried to do things His way and yet still held back things and said I'll do it your way but... well now I am trying to to it His way and it has made things a bit better this week. It was still a long boring week, but I'm able to get through it because that's what Heavenly Father wants me to do right now. My challenge to all of you is to in your prayers ask Heavenly Father what He wants you to do and then have the faith to carry it out.

Love you all!

Elder Tarbet
Caelitus Mihi Vires

My Strength is from Heaven

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