Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December 25th—January 1st: A Week of Walking

First off Happy New Year from across the pond!
   Right so this week has been pretty chaotic because of the holidays. Monday was Boxing Day and so no busses ran. Tuesday was the bank holiday and so only a few busses ran. Friday was a bank holiday and so only a few busses ran. Saturday was a holiday and so only a few busses ran. Sunday was a holiday and so no busses ran. Today is a holiday so only a few busses run. Moral of the story—we have done a lot of walking this week!
   Wednesday we had zone meeting in Rhyl, which was really good.  The zone leaders are really, really good this transfer—one from Hawaii and the other from Australia. After the meeting, we went on exchanges with the Elders in Rhyl and had a good time.  We found a couple of people to teach as well as had a super fun dinner appointment with a young family. They had us play a game called "mr and mrs," so basically it's a game for couples to see how well they know each other. So me and Elder Edwards played it and killed it. We got 10/12 after being together less than 6 hours. We then challenged the married couple and they got 7/12. The other Elders had done it the day before and got 8/12 to the couples 10/12, so we are the champs hahaha.
    Thursday we tried to go and see Emma but we hadn't been able to confirm her appointment so we just took our chances and got it wrong. We got there and she wasn't prepared and so we got sent back home.  Oops. The next morning she called and I was expecting to get told off, which would be totally fair, but she actually wanted to tell us that she had been reading the Book of Mormon and praying. She was so excited, it was the best! She had found an answer to one of her questions and then found that when she really spoke to God, that was when she felt like she was getting something back. She found it to be her new stress management program. Praying for 20 min. Nothing like being shown up by your investigator haha. She was so excited, she asked us to give her a passage to read so we did, she called that evening to talk about it and ask for another. Wow.
    I have realized this week how much I am learning from those that we are teaching.  I'm glad to get to work with them. They teach me a lot and show me things I didn't even know.  I also enjoy watching the changes that take place as our investigators learn and how they become such good examples to those around them.  I wish they could see themselves from our perspective!
    That's been about our week, we watched a few movies over the holidays that I would totally recommend(hadn't seen them before): Freetown is brilliant, Best Two Years was so funny, and then we played a game called Pandemic, which is so much fun. It's good because you are playing against the game and not against each other (would help our family's competitive spirit).

Well love ya lots and hope you have a great week!

Elder Tarbet
Caelitus Mihi Vires
My Strength is from Heaven

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