Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April 10th—April 16th: The Final Transfer begins


First things first. It's transfers and I am leaving! I am going to Shrewsbury, which is quite a ways down south. I will be serving with Elder Masekoameng (don't ask how to say it, I will be practicing all week).  He is from down south and has been out for about 3 months.  I will be his second companion as he has just finished being trained. 

Righty-o. In other news, we were able to see Jennifer again (the lady that I told you about last week who was excited about prophets) and we had a good chat with her. We talked about the Restoration a bit more and were able to mostly just listen to her.  It was the 1st anniversary of her mother's passing that day and so her heart was a bit tender, so we just mostly listened to her and it was good.  She has a great testimony of Jesus Christ and so we were able to build a bit on that. 

We taught another person this week named Kailee who was taught by the last companionship that was here. There were some serious misunderstandings but she was nice enough to let us come visit her.  We had a really good lesson where we just tried to set things straight but then taught her about the Restoration (she had been taught before but she had no clue who Joseph smith was or anything). When we finished she was quite happy to have us come back and she was glad that she was better able to understand where the Book of Mormon comes from. This week we also saw Sky and she is doing well. She had been on holiday and when she came back she found out that she was getting the new job that she wanted and so she was on cloud 9. It was fun. Oh and let us not forget about Chrissie. She had her baptismal interview and passed this week and then she also had an interview with bishop (no clue what for or what about) and they both seemed quite happy about that. Bishop is a great man and I will miss working with him. I will also miss a lot of other people here in this ward. There are good people here in Burnley and they have taken good care of me.

I think that that is about the excitement of the week on my end. I was still feeling the after effects of the flu the first part of the week, so we were a bit slower this week. But I am all better now, so I can hit the ground running in Shrewsbury.  Ready or not here I come.
Love you alls!

Elder Tarbet
Caelitus Mihi Vires

My Strength is from Heaven

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