Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April 3rd—April 9th: Exchanges and a Miracle

I'm sick...again. Its ok I actually am getting better this time.

This week we had exchanges and I got to go with Elder Oswald who is from Toronto, Canada.  He has been infield for 3 weeks now so bless his heart he is doing pretty well. Better than I was at that point, I think. We managed only to get lost a couple of times when the plans changed that we had originally planned, but he is great. We had interviews with president on Thursday.  It was good—we talked about some different things that I need to do to make this last time successful.  It was funny because Sister Ulrich didn't realize that I went home before them but then president as soon as I walk in is like YOU'VE MADE IT!   You only have 50 days left!! You have made it! It was funny.

Miracle of the week: After the interview with president, we went to dinner with a part member family who gave us a lift to our next appointment. With the lift we had a little extra time, not much, but we went to try to find someone. The hard thing is that this family lives in the country a little so there aren't many track-table houses (most of them are huge and have gates) so we were walking along trying to find a house and we are running out of time. We find one and so we knock. The lady looks through the window and she did not look so happy. So I brace myself for the onslaught. She was actually quite pleasant—we find out that she loves Jesus Christ but is nondenominational. We share with her about a modern prophet, she was fascinated. We share with her the Book of Mormon, once again she is very intrigued with why she has never heard that there is a prophet on the earth today telling people to read a book she has never heard of. So we left her with a copy of the book and a return appointment for Thursday. This time we were smart enough to give her and so she didn't find the dodgy stuff of youtube and google.

So yeah, that's my week. Saturday and Sunday, I was pretty dead. I made the first half of church and even managed to walk there by myself, but we then got taken home by the ward mission leaders because I looked so unwell. I felt pretty unwell so I was just grateful for the lift. I just had the nasty flu/cold thing that is going around but for some reason it really effected my balance and just motor senses. Oh well, I'm feeling better now so no worries for me.

Love you all!
Elder Tarbet
Caelitus Mihi Vires

My Strength is from Heaven

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