Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 11th–April 17th: And Then There Were Three

This week we have had a pretty crazy week. It was transfers and Elder Carling went! I'm so sad! I'm going to miss him, the 4 musketeers are now 3, but we now have Elder Korth.

This week we have seen Maggie quite a few times. She claims that she is stupid, but she really understands quite a bit. She is also the most committed investigator that we have at the moment. She actually read from the beginning to the Book of Omni. We told her how impressive that was and she just told us she didn't remember a thing and would need to read it again. Her memory isn't always the best but she definitely does try.  We also talked about the restoration with her again and I think that she kind of understood it. Once again she didn't give herself enough credit, she remembered a great deal about what we had talked about with her before.  She didn't understand some of it but she was really willing to learn. It was great to have her so interested and listening and taking it all in.

We saw Henry as well this week.  The lesson with him this week gave me a big old headache. He was asking some really strange and confusing questions about Jesus Christ. He doesn't understand what the point of Christ is and he can't wrap his head around a lot of what Jesus did and who he was. He is also struggling with the concept of God having a body and all that. For me it's hard to teach that God has a body because it's so common sense to me. God made us to look like him, well that means that God has to have a body, Jesus was said to be the express image of Heavenly Father, then that means that he must have a body. I just can't understand why everyone thinks he doesn't.

Oscar is doing really well, he finally seems to be getting himself on track which is good. He told us yesterday that he is going to start reading the Book of Mormon, he has kinda gone on a "new me" thing and he wants to get his life sorted out and happily he decided that one of the things is the Book of Mormon.

As far as other exciting happenings of the week, I went on an exchange of sorts with Elder Dimartino. It was fun to be back with him, it was so strange to be back in Crosby area. We went together to cover our appointments while our companions who are District Leaders went to Manchester for a leadership training. I really love Elder Dimartino like a brother, but being with him reminded me again how high strung he is. I definitely want to go and see him after my mission though. The hardest part will be finding the time and money to come and do all the things I want to do over here in Europe.  There's a lot of people I would like to come and visit here eventually. The good thing is that they have all offered to let me stay with them for a bit so the most expensive part will just be getting back here. Then the hard part will be having the time to make the plane ticket worth it. But no worries for that, I still have plenty of time not to worry about that.

So that's about what my week has been. Love you all lots and hope that you are doing well!

Elder Tarbet

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