Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My Friends in Southport

Here are some details about the folks that Logan has been talking about for the past few weeks:

Francesca:   She is a member who has really taken to us as missionaries. We were able to help her to build the confidence to break out of a bad relationship and she has kinda adopted us. She's in her late 30s. She is the one who has kinda played chauffeur for us the last while and has introduced us to one of her good friends who is now having us over every Monday, not for lessons, yet, but we always share a message of some kind with her. And she absolutely loves the hymns so we have been singing with her (the friend Carolin).

Magy:  We found her from the area book. Her family didn't like the missionaries in the past but now she lives on her own. She was kinda an eternal investigator type of person but is now just jumped forward in her own and is kinda progressing again.

Hetty:  She is a less active member who we have been working with. She has been so wonderful to us and her and her friend Gil who is also a member have been making good progress toward coming back. The biggest thing we can find for Hetty is that her husband can't really be left. I think that otherwise she would totally come back.

Chyrol: The member who runs the temperance. The Temperance is a charity dating from about the 1830s that is against alcohol. The Temperance building that we always talk about is a historic building from the 1850s that we help out at.  We are trying to help her declutter the building. It's a hard process.

Nanavati:  Area book again. He isn't a member but is a certified eternal investigator. He has been meeting missionaries pretty regularly for about 10 years. He is super kind and very lonely. So we go and visit him and try and share a bit about the gospel with him.

Rachel:  She is a less active member who has just now moved over to the east coast so we won't be seeing her much. She is really nice and loves to feed us.

Ethan:  Ethan is a young man about 19 who has just kinda gotten back into the church. He is way fun and very good to us as missionaries. He is currently working on his mission papers and hopes to leave the end of the summer about September-ish. He will be a great missionary. He is the only active member of a family that half of them are apostate. I don't think that I would be doing near so well if I were in his shoes. 

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