Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 4th—April 10th: Seeing the Lord's Hand in my Life as a Missionary

Howdy all!

This week has been pretty good, we have stayed pretty busy. Not really sure too much of what to say because I told you the basics of what has happened. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we were on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. That was an interesting experience. I went with the missionary who trained Elder Fernandez, they couldn't be any more different. We skipped lunch and dinner so that we could get some more tracting in.  Oh he is absolutely crazy with his love of knocking doors. So after that exhausting 24 hours the rest of the week has been pretty good! 

We have been by Nanavati and had a really good talk with him about the goodness of God. We have also been to see Hetty a few times which is good, she is doing really well and her faith seems to be growing bit by bit.

We saw Henry on Saturday which was really good.  We hadn't seen him in about two weeks and I missed him. He has been reading and praying. We talked about general conference with him. We also talked about the Holy Ghost which we always seem to talk about.

Well, she (Francesca) did kinda a reverse tea appointment and she gave us the lesson. She told us a story about her mission and then she told us a story about our mission. She told us about how we helped her to have the confidence to remove herself from a bad relationship. She told us that we showed her how the priesthood should be, and how we should honour and support those around us. How we shouldn't abuse the power that we have. It was a really wonderful experience to me to see the fruits of my labours in a firsthand way.  My constant prayer of the last few months was that I would be able to fulfill my role as a representative of Christ and as one of his missionaries. I honestly felt like I was failing in that, I felt like he wasn't listening because how could I do that work when I was sick. I found out that my prayer had been answered. If I hadn't had been sick we never would have built the relationship that we have with Francesca. We wouldn't have been any help to her. I have been able to help her and she has been a great blessing to us. She has introduced us to a friend of hers who is at this time skeptical of us but wants us to keep coming over. Her friend (Carolin) actually feeds us when we go. She is a catholic priest but loves our hymns, I think that she will come around with time and patience.

So that's about all I've got to say. Hope that you've all had a good week!

Love y’all
Elder Tarbet

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