Monday, August 29, 2016

August 15th–August 21st: By Popular Request, A Run Down of the New Area

Here is the basics of what is going on:

I am serving with Elder Rongo from New Zealand, here are a few words from Elder Rongo:
"Kia ora, how are doing? I'm glad I'm serving with Elder Tarbet this transfer as it is my last.. So all should be well. Hopefully."
So that's Elder Rongo. He is super relaxed and fun, so it should be good. He likes to laugh and have fun while we work and he knows the scriptures super well. 

Stockport is definitely a city, more than anywhere I've ever lived. It's quite a busy joint to live around.  I am still totally and utterly lost!!! It's going to take me a long time to learn this area. The ward is quite big and it is going to take some getting used to, I miss Southport!  So serving with Elder Rongo is in one word EXCITING.

This week has been one ongoing craziness. Day one, we leave the keys in the flat. Day two we get jumped by a Catholic Priest while we wait for Elder Forsyth in the car park of B&Q (Home Depot) that was so funny. He was so determined to tell us that we were wrong that he contradicted his own doctrine. He told us about how after Christ there was no revelation. When we asked about John the Revelator and the Book of Revelation. He tells us that it is not prophecy. That set the tone for the week. It was just one craziness after the other. Yeah, honestly I'm not so sure what to write anymore but yeah, that's what is going on in Stockport. 

Investigator wise we have a part member family that Elder Rongo has gotten close to and we think that Andy will get baptized soon. We also just met a really good Italian man named Attilio. Should be a fun place.

I miss Southport though, after being in a place for 9 months you come to truly love it. I'm going to miss the people a lot. Especially the people that we worked with so much. 

Elder Tarbet

Caelitus Mihi Vires 
My Strength is from Heaven

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