Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October 10th—October 16th: A Busy Week—Appointments with Tony, Meeting with Church Leaders, and seeing Henrik again!

 This week has been pretty good.  Not too much happened until Friday really. On Friday, we had Tony come with us to three appointments—he is the best! We took him to teach Anish with us who is the Indian man that we met last week. He was super great and even though we weren't that good at teaching him, the spirit was very strong and he asked some really good questions. The problem is that he set the next return appointment for the 10 of November. Dang. We made him a study calendar later and talked him into meeting us for a few moments on a weekend so that we can help him learn more, success! Also on Friday we had dinner with Jackie who spoilt us so bad. She made us basically a Thanksgiving dinner. So much food and drinks and desserts. So nice! From there, we took Tony to meet another Tony who is less active with some medical issues. We had a good chat with him then we went up to Stockport to travel to Chorley in the morning.
  The meeting with President Nelson, President Hallstrom, Bishop Causse and President Johnson was so amazing (only meeting where President Ulrich hasn't spoken, he just conducted haha)! The Spirit was so wonderful and their wives are equally as inspired as they are. One thing that they talked a lot about was repentance, joy, and service. I think my favourite thing was from President Nelson. He talked about how as President of the 12, his job was to call the others to repent.  How do you call 12 of the greatest men on the Earth to repent? He explained what repentance really means. He broke it down into the Greek basis and explained that it is a change of mind, knowledge, spirit, and even breath. When you learn more you repent, when you become more like the Saviour you repent. It was really great. Reading the Book of Mormon with that in mind makes it very applicable to each of us no matter the situation.
  Also on Saturday, Henrik Ahlström came to the conference to see old missionaries and I was so glad to get to see him. He went to dinner with us and it was great to get to talk to him. He taught me a very great deal when I was with him. He helped me though a rough patch a mile wide so it was really good to see him.
  Today was crazy, we went to Stockport to go on a hike with the rest of the district. And I got a call this morning from President to make sure that I went so that I could talk to a missionary that would be joining us so that I could hopefully help them. They were really struggling and so President decided that since I had been in the same situation, I should try and talk to them a bit so he arranged for us to go on the hike with them. That is why today was so crazy and you are getting your emails so late and so short. Love you all!

Elder Tarbet

Caelitus Mihi Vires 
My Strength is from Heaven

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