Wednesday, October 19, 2016

September 26th—October 2nd: Finding Warren and General Conference

  This week has been been good. We found a couple of investigators this week which is really good because we haven't had any for ages. One was a proper miracle, his name is Warren. There is a less active lady that we have been meaning to go by for ages, but first we had the wrong street then for silly reasons we just didn't go by. Then we finally go and we catch her son Warren in. Warren doesn't live there.  He has some addiction problems that have caused issues with his family, so it's strange for him to be there. Then he let us in. He doesn't ever let missionaries in or want anything to do with us. Then he totally opened up to us, he told us a lot of things that you don't normally tell strangers. He then asked for a Book of Mormon, and said that he doesn't necessarily believe in God but he had said a basic "Help me if you're there" kind of prayer and then we show up. So that was really neat. The ultimate downer is that he has chosen to skip all of the appointments that we have made with him and to not answer the phone.  I hate it when people get a good dose of the spirit and then do that. It bugs me. 
  General conference was amazing! I absolutely loved it. My favourite talk was definitely the one from J. Devn Cornish, his was on Saturday morning. It was spot on with one of my big questions that I had prepared. So good. The basic thing that I got out of it was that we are acceptable before the Lord. He loves us and is looking for the good in us and not the bad. He isn't fault finding; he is seeking out the good within each of us. 
  So that in a nutshell has been my week. It was pretty up and down, none of the investigators we found stuck though for the appointments. So that was the down. We found people—that was the up and general conference was the way up. 
  It's crazy how few people go to general conference, even the priesthood session. I am sure it's the same in Utah if not worse but it feels strange to me. Idk, what are your thoughts on general conference?

Love you all!
Elder Tarbet

Caelitus Mihi Vires 

My Strength is from Heaven

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