Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October 3rd—October 9th: A Miracle at a Time Keeps Us Going

  Miracle of the week—we found a family on Friday! We had gone to a member and asked for a street to go and knock and they gave us their street. So we start at the top where they directed and the third door we knock on a young lady from India answers the door and tells us her husband is Catholic and invites us in. We then teach her and her husband (who had met missionaries in the past) and we set up a return appointment for Wednesday, I really hope this pans out. All of our other investigators have pretty much died out. 
  I spent most of the week on exchanges in Stockport. First I was with Elder Tuipuloto who whitewashed into my area with his trainee. That was really good.   He has only been out for four months and so training is a big thing. This is also his first family ward so he is learning how to do that right along with his trainee. They knocked their first door together. Funny. But I was able to just talk to him and just basically help him see what a great missionary he is and different things that he can apply to the family ward. He is so great. Leaps and bounds ahead of where I was at that point. He has a full scholarship to play BYU football. Good man.
  The second exchange right after that was with Elder Sanches who is the new zone leader. He is so kind and loving. He is just great, he helped me to see what I was doing right and it was just good to talk to him.
  Then I went back in a trio for the day with Elder Tuipuloto and Elder Strickland his companion, while the others went to mission leadership conference. We went contacting a few referrals and ended up tracking in Muslim central. Super super kind, nice people. We also found ourselves in an Evangelical Church of England church so that Elder Strickland could use their bathroom. So funny, we were saved in the nick of time by a phone call because they were getting ready to bash us. Well some were, others were just super nice.  It's funny the differences. 
  Yeah that's been about my week, we have worked a lot and had not a whole lot happen in our area besides the one miracle but a miracle at a time keeps us going. 

Love you all and hope that you have a great week.
Elder Tarbet

Caelitus Mihi Vires 

My Strength is from Heaven

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