Monday, November 21, 2016

November 9th—November 13th: The Importance of Reading the Book of Mormon

This week has been great. I love wales! It's so beautiful. This week we have done a pretty good amount of finding with marginal success. We met a few people that were interested. One of them, Jamie had us come back and she actually invited us to talk on her radio show that day. We declined but maybe next time, we aren't sure if we would be allowed to do that anyways, but we taught her the restoration and left her with a Book of Mormon. She isn't sure that religion is for her but she sees the value of others. If she will read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, with sincerity, then she will see why it's of value to her. We have met a few other people whilst we have been tracking and whatnot but that's the only followup appointment that has actually taken place up till now.

Saturday was an interesting day though, we start off in the morning and the first 4-5 houses we knocked on were born-again christians. Oh boy. Some were pleasant, others less so, but then from those onwards we had nothing but atheists the rest of the day. We even had some bashing atheists. I'll tell you about one whom I found very amusing and extremely sad. So, we start off telling her about how our message can help her and bring her peace and happiness, well she immediately starts going on about how religion is just all people making up things to make them feel better about death and it's all a scam. She then starts talking about "if there is a god then" things like war, dying people, etc etc the list goes on. The problem with all of this is we didn't get any chance to speak because she wouldn't stop and would talk over you if you got a chance. This is where it got interesting. She started talking about why would she worship a god that kills people, (notice how god now exists) she told a strange version of a story in the Old Testament about how Moses was commanded by God to kill loads of the Israelites for idolatry and how that didn't make sense with "thou shall not kill." She then told us this wonderful and fantastic story about how Satan was actually the good one. Satan never killed anyone, Satan never caused anyone any harm. All he wanted to do was to save us from a god who wasn't doing a very good job, he just wanted to be in charge for a day and if God was loving and caring then he should have let him. What! That was the strangest argument I have ever heard. She basically was the spokesman of Satan. She was telling us that religion is all just people wanting money and that we should be having fun because that was all that mattered. She was telling us that Satan was good and God was bad, that Jesus Christ was pitiful and didn't do a very good job. So basically on Saturday we met an antichrist who with her denial of everything is worshipping Satan. I felt really sorry for this lady because she was obviously not happy and I don't believe ever will be because she has rejected God for some reason. She has rejected happiness for "fun," very sad. (Also, I hope that this story makes sense).

We met a few other people but really what I have learned this week is that people really should read the Book of Mormon before they can say it isn't true. Before they say that we are bad or wrong, learn from both sides. If you want to read the anti stuff go ahead, but read the Book of Mormon, pray about it, and know for yourself what God would have you follow.

Elder Cossa is from Harare, Zimbabwe and he has been out for just a transfer less than me. He is super great and a hard working elder. It's good to be with him. He works hard but is also a lot of fun and very obedient but not a nazi. He has a great balance and so he is good to be around. He is 25 and has been a member for 3 years. He was the first in his family to be baptised.

Anyways sorry for the long drawn out letter of random rants. It was a good week full of crazy people. Wales is fun.

Elder Tarbet

Caelitus Mihi Vires
My Strength is from Heaven

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