Monday, November 7, 2016

October 24th—October 30th: Meeting Robert, Celebrating Halloween, and Missionary Life

  Well this week has been pretty good. The first half was pretty uneventful but it picked up the second half. We had a really good lesson with a man named Jan (Yahn) from Germany. We have seen him a couple of times but this was our first proper lesson. We talked about a lot of different things. He had so many questions, most of the time we just spent answering his questions, but we were able to explain to him some of our very basic beliefs that made sense to him. He is very interested in religion but doesn't really believe. His wife is very catholic from Mexico and so she doesn't want to meet us, but he is very friendly and very keen to listen.
  We found this very, very nice man named Robert who lives around the corner from us. He had seen missionaries walking around for quite a while but had never really spoken to us. We got talking and actually spoke for about an hour. We talked about him for a bit and then we taught basically the whole restoration lesson on the spot. He took a Book of Mormon but was leaving on holiday for a week the next day so we have to wait to teach him. He is super funny and we think that he could have a bit of a coloured past. He told us that he was a criminal but was past that. He kinda reminded me of the book "Mafia to Mormon." I think that he has a good chance to be baptized. He was asking, "Well what would I have to do if I join your church?" We taught him the Word of Wisdom—he thought it was great since he had always thought that tea and coffee were awful. He was good with tithing and everything. The only two things that could be a problem is that he was a bit apprehensive of marrying his partner of 24 years, weird huh? And that it could be too good to be true. We will see when he gets back I guess. 
  We had the trunk or treat on Saturday and that was loads of fun. It reminded me of home a bit with all of the things that we used to do for Halloween. It was fun for the kids and I enjoyed getting to go and talk to people's friends that had come. 
  Then on Sunday, Elder David had a really good interview with president...for 2 hours. Then he talked to me for a few moments. I will be honest that I got really bored for 2 hours. I also had to make noise the whole time while they talked because the door was not sound proof. So I read most of the book of Ether out loud hahaa. Mission life.
  So that's about been my week! Hope that you are all well and that you have a good week coming! It is transfers next Tuesday so make your predictions. 

Love you all!

Elder Tarbet

Caelitus Mihi Vires 
My Strength is from Heaven

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