Sunday, January 10, 2016

December 14th: Transferred to Southport

I was transferred to Southport this week.  My new companion is Elder Ahlstrom, who is a really good missionary and I can learn a lot from him.  He is super relaxed but hard working and genuine.  He just really enjoys himself and has fun with life.  It’s good.  Before I left Crosby, Maria, our investigator in Crosby, gave me a mug with my name engraved on it which was the best gift ever.

Southport is a very posh area, and has a lot of older people as well.  We will have to work to find places that are worth tracting.  There are two other Elders in this ward, like there was in Crosby.  One of them is Swiss, and the other is from Kaysville.  It will be fun to get to know them too.  Southport is the largest ward I have served in so far.  There is typically 60 to 70 people there on Sunday rather than the 45 to 50 I have had in previous wards.   The chapel has proper benches and is really big for here.  A lovely building. 

The headaches that I had in Crosby are much better, and have gone away for the most part.  My hip continues to really bother me, and I have been going to physical therapy. 

Love you.

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