Friday, January 29, 2016

January 18th—January 24th: Introducing Elder Singsam to the area

Hello all!

This has been a pretty busy week with transfers and yet there isn't that much to tell you about. Just a lot of figuring stuff out and getting Elder Ahlström from here to there to get ready to get home.

Monday—We did some trunky shopping and got ready for him to head home.  I met this man in one of the shops who loves to chat. He wanted to talk so bad hahaha. We ended up in his shop for about an hour. Elder Ahlström was going crazy because he has the shortest attention span.  That evening we went to Bro. Baker's and had dinner and then went to visit Teresa. Teresa is our Polish investigator, she is very inquisitive, but is afraid to make a decision. She is scared of choosing wrong so she just doesn't choose. She also doesn't want to see us very often so she is hard to teach.

Tuesday—Elder Ahlstrom went to the temple, so I went in a trio with Elder Launer and Elder Carling. It was hilarious—those too are so funny together. We spent the morning together and they are fantastic missionaries. They are very bold. I can't understand for the life of me why they don't have much of a teaching pool. That evening, with Elder Ahlström, we went to the Brown's and had a bonfire with all of his old stuff. We burned 2 pairs of shoes, some older shirts and a suit. It was fun. We were there for like 2 hours eating and burning stuff. We also helped get rid of some stuff for Bro. Brown. It was a really fun night but I need to get my tie and trousers dry cleaned, they stink.

Wednesday—Dropped Elder Ahlström off at the train station and then hung out with the other elders for a few hours. We then went back and picked up Elder Singsam from the station. He was waiting in one part and us in another, so we waited for each other for about an hour. That evening we went to a worldwide missionary broadcast from Salt Lake. It was really good. Lots of things that we can work on, especially with member work and less active work. It was really good. Aaron gave us a lift which made it way more fun than just taking the train.

Thursday—I had my appointment with Sister Beech. It was the hardest meeting that I've had with her. We went through and made a plan to keep me well now that I've gotten well. After weekly planning, me and Elder Singsam went to see Bro. Baker and give him a blessing because he was quite sick. After that, we went and introduced Elder Singsam to the Browns.  Bro. Brown is doing really good with some of his goals. I don't know about the others, I haven't had a good chance to just talk with him.

Friday—We had my physical therapy appointment. My back is getting better, most of my upper back and neck problems and stiffness were stress caused and so the stress got managed and now that the knots have a chance to go away they are. My hip is about the same. Better than when it first flared up last year but worse than I have been the last few weeks. It seems to be getting worse again. Oh well, as far as I know it's not causing any long term effects so I just have to bite the bullet sometimes and push forward anyway. The thing I can't figure out for the life of me though is why it moves. Some days it's in my lower back, others it's right in my buttocks and sometimes it just goes down to my upper thigh. Really strange hahaha. My body is a mystery and seems to be a study in contradiction. Oh well, such is life haha.  Anywho, we went and saw Nanavati and had a good chat with him and are going to help him sort out his house. It used to be a local surgery and so it's set up like a clinic right now. He only lives in about 3 rooms of this massive house. We are going to help him strip the wallpaper so that it can get re-plastered. The end of the evening was dinner at the Kamati home. They are a funny family—super, super crazy and high energy, I’m not sure I want to have kids or at least not have kids so close together. Too much craziness for me.

SaturdayWe went to Margaret and had a good laugh and lesson with her, we then went out to a place called Ormskirk and worked out there.  It's the place where Henry lives and we have a few less actives that we are working with in the area. It's a really fun little village based around the hospital and the university. The miracle of the day is that this man came up to us and started talking to us, he kinda followed us around for a bit and we had a really solid lesson with him. He is (hopefully) going to meet us at the town centre of Ormskirk next week. We then had a great lesson with Henry. Every time that I meet with him I notice that he is more happy, more relaxed, he smiles more, he has started joking with us and he is just a different person than he was not that long ago. I think that he is applying some of the things that we have discussed with him and the things that he has learned for himself.

Sunday—We had church and it was ward conference. I have been absolutely knackered these last few days and so sacrament meeting was brutally hard to stay awake during, but I came out victorious. We helped this hilarious 91 year old lady with her primary class and had a reasonable decent priesthood lesson. It was a good time. We then had dinner at the McManus's.  I had a good time I just talked to Mark about computers about what he does for work with Microsoft, trying to understand how the cloud works better.  It's really fascinating. The other elders felt like it was super awkward but I had a good time hahahaha. They just missed out. After that we went to the Grey's and introduced Elder Singsam to them. He was super close to falling asleep on their couch but it was good. The Greys get on pretty well with anyone.

So that is my week. My spiritual thought to leave with you all is about J.O.Y. 
       J stands for Jesus, if we will put Christ as the centre of our lives then nothing bad is permanent. 
      O. is for others, if we look outward and not inward then there is a lot more to see and a very great       deal more that we can do. If we do these first 2 two things then we will find—
      Y yourself. It has to be in that order or it just doesn't work.

Hope that you all have had a good week. Love you! Talk to you soon!

Elder Tarbet

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