Sunday, January 10, 2016

December 28th—January 3rd: New Friends and a New Year's Celebration

This week so far:

Monday—For pday, we went into Liverpool and did some shopping, I bought some football cleats and insoles for my shoes. I haven't completely worn a pair out yet but I have worn a small hole in one and the insoles were destroyed on another but so far they've more or less held up. After we did some shopping we went and saw the Liverpool Cathedral, it is massive! It is so huge, bigger than the Salt Lake Temple for sure. It is just massive. (The organ was ugly though).  That night was drunk night. We taught a couple of drunk people who were quite different. One was adamant that he was a world champion bike racer (he was like 80) and that he didn't drink much. He was totally plastered. The other man was so determined that we couldn't answer his questions that he would ignore us when we tried and then ask the same question again. It was a bit obnoxious but good fun.

Tuesday—We had district meeting and talked about setting goals. We then went to the Browns because Brother Brown had wanted us to come over and help him with something. We got there and he had a small little thing for us to do and then he decided to burn some things he had laying around. So we helped with that which was kind of a pain that we were still in our suits at this point so we ended up with smelly shirts for the rest of the day. The suits themselves got away unscathed. The real reason that Brother Brown wanted us to come over was that he doesn't have the testimony that he wants and he isn't where he wants to be as far as the Church is concerned. He wants to get to the temple, he has been married for 16 years and hasn't gone yet and he really wants to get there this year. We helped him work out some goals and told him we would follow up and make sure he had sat down with his wife to work out the goals with her so she could help.

Wednesday—We had a New Year’s afternoon with Sister Monserott who is a Spanish sister in our ward. She was super kind to invite us over and show us what a Spanish New Year is about. Her son is a total whirlwind. It was a super fun day. She had gotten some Spanish sweets and made some Spanish food for us and was so kind. She shared some of the Spanish traditions with us and we just had a really good time. It was so much fun. Polverones are super tasty. They are like a churro tasting doughy substance which are really good. Until you put 3 in your mouth and try and say something.

Thursday—We went to see Henry that day and had a really, really good chat with him. He is the best!!!  He actually gave us a Chinese zodiac book thing that has traditional art of each of the 12 years. Super pretty and very nice. He gave one to each of us including the fellowshipper that we brought. We talked to him for about 2 hours and just answered questions that he had and tried to help him resolve his issues with the Word of Wisdom. We also talked about fasting which actually was a very new concept to him and he was telling us it was years since he had felt hungry. We then went to the Wilsons for dinner and New Year’s stuff. That was pretty fun, we had a good meal and then played a quiz game and then did sparklers. The sparklers were fun because my camera has a mode for fireworks so it gives you about a 2 second exposure time which is really fun with sparklers. I will have to send you the pictures sometime. You might have to wait for a bit because we don't have computers just iPads so it's a bit more difficult.

Friday—We had the football game. So this game was a lot more intense than the last. We had an additional 10 or so people that came. So this game was a lot less wet and muddy than the last one. The pitch (field) was still destroyed from the previous week but there wasn't any standing water on it  that day. The ground was soft and muddy still but it mostly stayed on the ground and on our shoes. I had gotten cleats for the game but they lost the point about half way through because the mud had totally coated the bottoms and were hiding the spikes hahaha. It was really good fun though and nobody got seriously injured.  My hips was actually really good and it was good to get to move and exercise properly, I've gotten super out of shape. The ground was really soft and so that made it possible to run. I don't think I dare go running  yet. I still have a pretty constant pain in my hip and leg but it seems to be getting better. It has it's ups and downs but overall more ups than downs. That evening we went to the McManus's and had dinner there. They are a super great family, I really like them and they have been very good to me. Aaron (the son) had his friend from the states there that is going to be spending a few months here. He's a ballroom dancer and is actually one of the dancers from the Christmas concert with Alfiè Boe. We ended the night there with our little quartet. That was fun, we had cooked it up about 3 days before, went though it once in our flat before going to their home and it turned out OK. The rest of the day we watched Mormon movies. All of the actors are the same its funny. The RM, Singles Ward, Home Teachers, those kind of movies. The only one I didn't get to see that I really wanted to was the Best Two Years. I've never seen it. Oh well next Christmas. maybe.

Saturday—Nothing too much happened. We went and saw Margaret that evening. She is super hard to understand, she's from Glasgow and has a very thick Scottish accent so it's very difficult. She's really funny though. She was teasing us about how we can't understand her so Elder Ahlström started speaking in Swedish. She listened for a moment. Looks at me. Then flips him off. So funny!

Sunday—Church and the dinner at the Fullwoods. I don't think they sent a picture this week. They had a lot of people in their home this time but they have the home to do it so it's good. That evening we went to the member missionary fireside in Manchester. That was nice, not my favorite one but still good. I had the chance to talk to Elder Nelson after that was really good. He became assistant last transfer but was my Zone Leader in Blackpool. He is a fantastic missionary and a good friend. He found out about my hip at the Christmas party so he was asking me about that and telling me that if I ever need someone to talk to I can always call him. He's fantastic.

So that's about it for the week.
Love you all hope you have a great week!

Elder Tarbet

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