Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January 4th—January 10th: Enjoying time with Elder Ahlström

Here is a run-down of what my days looked like this last week. 

MondayWe played badminton with the other Elders which was fun and that was about all that happened.

Tuesday—Nothing too big happened on Tuesday, but I was able to have a really good time with Elder Ahlström. He's just really a fun person to be around and I quite like him. We were just doing some tracting and laughing with people and what not, it was fun.

Wednesday—We went to the physical therapist and I'm pretty sure that he thought I was part of a cult and that I was totally crazy hahaha.  He is much better than the last one that I had. He gave me some things to do at home and is very confident that it shouldn't be too big to sort me out. This is probably something that I will face the rest of my life but I should be able to control it with the exercises and stretches. That evening we went and saw Margaret. So, Margaret wants to come to church but has a hard time getting there.  She has M.S. and is pretty much confined to a wheelchair. She can't get her chair on the bus and a taxi would cost £30 round trip. We are working to get her on a government sponsored special bus thing that some of the other members use. She does want to come to church though and has a solid desire to learn more.

Thursday—We had weekly planning and talked about how Elder Ahlström feels he is losing motivation since he goes home in a couple of weeks. We are just kinda going through the motions of things, if that sometimes. Then he will randomly get super gung-ho about things and just goes for it. It's kinda funny. We also had coordination that afternoon with our ward mission leader who is super funny.   He really knows the doctrine. He knows the church and he served in this mission about 3 years ago and so he knows the area as well. He is a crazy fellow.

Friday—We went to Chorley for a multi-zone conference. It was really, really good. I learned a lot. It was about changing nature vs just behavior. If I do something because of the consequences of not doing it or if I do it because I want to. Things along those lines. There were other trainings about different aspects of the work, finding, member work, stuff like that. It was really good because I got to talk to Elder David for a while and I love that man. He is such a great missionary and probably the nicest person that I have ever met. Later after the meeting I talked to Sister Ulrich for a while about my back and some other stuff. Talking to her is wonderful.

Saturday—Exchanges with Elder Carling. He is from Kaysville and went to Davis High. He is only 18 and is quite shy. He is very bold though as well and he has managed to overcome his shyness. We had a good lesson with one of their investigators, he isn't really progressing very well but we are trying. He is a heavy, heavy smoker and is very skeptical of the Church. He keeps learning though as they teach him so that’s something I guess. It was good to go on exchanges—it's something I always enjoy.

Sunday—We had church and taught everything but sacrament. The Elders Quorum President texted us at 11:30 Saturday night and asked us to teach.  Gospel Principles felt like a fiasco as well. We had dinner at Bishop's and they convinced us to sing for them. It sounded really bad though hahahaha. It was kinda a one off thing.

Love you all and hope you have a grand week!

Elder Tarbet.

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