Monday, May 23, 2016

April 25th–May 1st: The Last Little While

I don't even know where I'm at with letting you all know what's going on. If I remember right last week I forgot to email the day to day stuff but at this point the days have all muddled. So just as kinda a basic update.

Gabriel and Ana:  They have come to Church the last two weeks. Their kids are so busy though. It's really stressful because we want them to have a good experience. The hard part was that the kids wouldn't go to primary. They wanted to stay with us. Agh so stressful. They are progressing really well. The miracle of the week was that Gabriel didn't go to jail for some old shenanigans about a year ago. So that's good that he will get to stay home with his family.

Henry:  He came to church on Sunday, which was really good! He still isn't really progressing like we would like and isn't keeping commitments like we would like but he did come to church for the first time in a while so that's good.

Maggi: She was also at church. We had a great turnout!! She is really good and she never ceases to amaze me though. She will be this super sarcastic Scott which will then just turn into a sweet little grandma when you ask her the right question. It's funny.

Shaun: So we have met him this week a couple of times. He wasn't able to come to church but he is planning to go to the temple with the youth on Wednesday. Ethan, one of our friends, has offered to play tour guide. And a girl that's in our ward that Shaun knows that's quasi-active is willing to go as well. It will be really good for him to have friends in the church.

Um I'm not sure what else to say there!!  My birthday, since you all asked about it, I got my packages. I loved them so much! The journal was the greatest! Most random contents ever sent in a birthday package, antibiotics, shirts and work gloves. Love it!  The Zone meeting that day was really good! We got a lift there and back which was nice as well. A member has an electric car which is really fun. It's so quiet! It only has a 90 mile range so that would never work for me. After the meeting we went to Paula's house and her partner Collin had made us turkey with veg and potatoes. It was way nice. We had a cake for dessert. She then brought out two cakes, one for each of us to take home. On Sunday night we had 5 cakes in our flat. Too much!

But yeah, that's been my weeks for the bit gone by, love you all and thanks for the birthday wishes.

Elder Tarbet

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