Monday, May 23, 2016

May 2nd–May 8th: A Baptismal Date for Maggi

It's been quite a busy week, lots has been done and lots to be done.

Monday—Pday, went to the temple and made snow cones. We also had a good talk with Carolyn and will hopefully be able to take her to the next fireside in Manchester next month.

Tuesday—We went and saw Maggi. She was complaining that her stereo wasn't working since it had gotten moved. Turns out that nothing was plugged in or connected. Oh the joy hahaha. That evening we went and had dinner with the Gerrards—I think I've mentioned Ethan before. His family is mostly less active but he's pushed through and is working on his mission papers. He's way solid and a great friend of mine.

Wednesday—Service at the temperance (with my new old gloves) and me and Elder Pape ended up outside and we worked on moving a pile of dirt and rubbish around the corner to a dumpster.  That place is a total mess and all our work doesn't seem to change that.

Thursday—After weekly planning we went by Oscar who we hadn't seen in a while and we had a lovely discussion about the Second Coming and who the 12 tribes of Israel are. Talk about building from the beginning hahaha. We then had coordination meeting with our very much doctrinally sound but less active ward mission leader. I can't figure him out, he never comes to church but he's got everything else down so solid. Best part of the day was we went and taught Maggi about baptism. We now have her dated for the 21st of May. Talk about a major turnaround, we never thought she was going to progress but now. Wow.

Friday—We helped some more at the temperance. We were clearing a room that will become a dance studio. It was just kinda a dump room with couches and a few tables and chairs. The couches were not too old and shabby looking so we took them to the charity shop across the street but it took a lot of convincing.  After that we went on exchanges and I was with Elder Pape.  It was a really good exchange. We went though the baptismal questions with Maggi and she passed with flying sarcasm. She is so funny. It's going to be interesting with the zone leaders.

Saturday—We had a street display in Ormskirk which I told you a bit about. We then went and taught Henry and it was a very frustrating lesson. We just went in circles. We are missing something with him but we can't figure out what.

Sunday—Church, skyped you all, went and saw Maggi. Pretty low key day but it was good.

So that's been about my week. Hope that you are doing well and love you all!

Elder Tarbet

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