Monday, May 23, 2016

May 12th: A Message from Rebecca Moylan

Hello Mr. Tarbet, 

Your son Elder Tarbet served in my ward for a while.  He is amazing!  I stopped coming to church when I was a teenager and he is one of the missionaries who helped me come back and develop a testimony.

He came to Crosby today on splits and done some service for my family, it was great to see him and he is well (his cold has cleared up since conference).  I was able to fellowship him and Elder Dimartino when he was in Crosby so have seen him teach lots of people sometimes under extremely difficult circumstances, but he has never complained or lost his temper, not even once and one of the young women he was teaching (Tanisha) will be getting baptized soon.

He is a great missionary and has taught most of the children in my street, after they left 6 of them knocked on my door!

I hope you are all well, Elder Tarbet talked so highly of you all when he was in Crosby.  I have a few pictures if you would like me to send them.



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