Wednesday, September 21, 2016

September 5th—September 11th: Learning About the Atonement

Hey all!

My week has been interesting for sure! I am now in a trio with Elder Rongo and Elder David. It has been a great week for building patience. Working with three of us is a challenge but we are definitely growing. Elder Rongo is doing a bit better as well. 

Yesterday was a super good day. We got to help a man change his tire when it blew out and he told us he is now our best friend!! I'm sure he was so grateful for our help.

Thursday was a super good day as well. Elder Liemer from the 70 came and spoke to the mission. He had some really good things to talk about. The one that I think meant the most to me was about how we need to use the Atonement. He told a story of a little old lady who was out collecting stick for her fire. She went out early in the morning with a basket on her back to pick up sticks of wood a few miles from her house. Throughout the morning the basket got heavier and heavier. When she was walking home and really struggling to carry the basket a kind farmer with a horse and wagon came by and offered her a lift into town. Gladly she accepted and got on the back of the wagon. As they were going into town, the farmer noticed that the old lady, while in the back of the wagon, still had her basket on her back. He asked, "Why don't you put down your basket and rest for a spell, we still have a while before we get to the town." Her reply was that it was still early in the day and she didn't want to make the poor horse work too hard. He compared that to us in the sense that we all have a tendency to do double work with the Atonement. We repent and then we force ourselves to still be miserable. We have repented, the Atonement has been applied, but we stubbornly hold onto the weight of our sins. It really illustrated the point very well for me. 

So that's been about my week. Hope that yours has been good!

Elder Tarbet

Caelitus Mihi Vires 
My Strength is from Heaven

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