Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Elder Singsam, Elder Tarbet, Henry, and Avril

Elder Singsam, Elder Tarbet and Henry.  Henry is from China but is living in Southport, teaching Chinese in school.  He has been very interested in the Church, but Jesus Christ is a new concept for him and he has struggled with it.  He has gone on exchanges with the missionaries to get a better idea of what they do.  

Elder Singsam, Elder Tarbet and Avril.  Avril is the lady that makes them cakes. She was baptized about 3-4 years ago but has brain damage so she struggles to recall information.  She got in a fight with a car 25 years ago and lost. We go over and see her every week alternating with the other leaders and she makes us cakes every time we go.  She loves to bake but because of her brain damage she can't taste or smell so she makes them for us.

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