Saturday, July 23, 2016

July 11th–July 17th: A Reading Challenge for Oscar and a New Program for the Members

Holy cow!! This week flew by!

On Tuesday and Wednesday we had exchanges and then on Thursday we had the Multi-zone Conference in Chorley. That totally ate our week so we have been pretty busy.

So starting at the beginning before I start jumping everywhere. Monday we had FHE with the Browns and Oscar and then after we went back to Oscar's home to answer some questions for him. We walked out with him having fully committed to reading the Book of Mormon for the first time (he got baptized in September). Then we talked to him throughout the week and he has committed to read a chapter a night! He set that himself—we are just helping him. He said that he is really feeling the difference. It's taken 8 months of me trying but Elder Morgan finally got it to click for him. Elder Morgan is very spiritually in tune.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we had exchanges with Elder Liss and Filihia. Elder Liss came to Southport with me and we had a very hard and unproductive couple of days, it was orange day which is the day of drunk Protestants. The last little while things have really slowed down for finding in Southport. They were slow before but now they are at a standstill. I understand that we still try because we will be blessed with miracles later but I feel bad for Elder Morgan. It has actually gotten so bad that all of the alcoholics won't even talk to us. When that happens you know it's bad!! A lot of people will be very kind and polite but as soon as you start talking about anything even close to religion or even anything of substance they are no longer able to talk. It's quite annoying. I am even getting this from members sometimes, very just not interested. 

A new program that Elder Morgan and I  rolled out from the stuff that we talked about on Thursday is a member missionary work campaign. We are going to several members' homes to share a message with them and ask them to pray for our success and for theirs. It's been effective so far. We had a member immediately drive us to meet his friend. That was the best thing ever! He came in introduced us and just bore his testimony about how it would help this friend of his. So good!

The other interesting thing that happened this week is that President Gardner from the Mission Presidency came and spoke to Southport Ward. 

In other news, Henry didn't read, Shaun has gone missing and Maggy is in the hospital with a mysterious infection.

I had a really good conversation with President Ulrich and Multi-zone Conference. It was great.  He is like a Father to me. It was just a very informal sit down chat moment with him about Southport, about Elder Morgan, about anything and everything I wanted to talk about. It was so nice. He is a great man!

I have now been in Southport over 8 months and I am thinking that it's about time for me to move on….. haha. 

Love y'all!
Elder Tarbet

Caelitus Mihi Vires 
My Strength is from Heaven

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