Thursday, July 7, 2016

June 13th–June 19th: Another Day in the Life of a Missionary

This week has been pretty straight forward, nothing all that exciting to report to be honest, just another day in the mission field, all of our new investigators fell through, we really are just trying to find new people to teach as well as working on some stuff for the ward council, namely lost sheep. So far that has been a bust as well. So we push on and keep working.

So I did go to the doctors this week. The doctor was very good and had gone back and reviewed the notes from the other time I went to him.  He was following up with me about that and trying to figure out if it's all related, which we both think it is, and how. He agrees with me about wanting to get to the base of the problem. So he examined my nose, and chest and whatnot, he was impressed with my cough—he hadn't ever heard something quite like it. The long and short of it is that he thinks it's allergies, something here in England is different from back home, possibly even just the humidity. So he has given me a steroid and an antibiotic both for any inflammation and to try and get it under control. He has then given me a high dose antihistamine to hopefully keep it under control. He then gave me an inhaler to stop the coughing. He told me that if seven days from when I start if it's not better then he will just send me to a specialist because he's got no clue. My chest seems to be clear and my sinuses don't seem to have an infection, with all these things that seem to be on you would think that I'm not sick haha.

Love ya all!

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