Thursday, July 7, 2016

June 20th–June 26th: Exchanges with Elder Pape

Dear Family,

Monday. Pday, we went to Liverpool and had a decent sports day there. It was fun and people actually participated. On the way home I started to feel really ill. The bus ride was an hour and fifteen and I thought that my insides were going to explode the whole time. When we got home I did end up quite sick (I'll spare you the details) but I think it was the antibiotic that the doctor had put me on, good thing for me it was the last day of it anyways.

We didn't have district meeting as president has decided that they are a waste of time and so we will only have them on occasion. We did however still go on exchanges with the district leader. That was pretty good.  I went with Elder Pape and it was good to get to talk to him.  I have grown to really quite like him. He is excited to go home but he still works hard. Two people that we saw really stood out—first, a white Muslim lady who was so, so nice. We talked to her for a while and there are so many similarities between what we believe, and she just wanted to genuinely have peace. We weren't able to set a time to go back but she said that we are always welcome to try by again. We also saw Teresa—I'm sure I've talked about Teresa in the past.  We taught her ages ago and were able to get in contact with her again and go see how she was and what not.  Nothing has changed with her.  She still refuses to accept any rules that she doesn't make up herself and she doesn't want any kind of organization.  It's impossible to teach her because she doesn't want to be taught. After the lesson we were walking away with Collin who had come with us and he was saying how it's just like going around in circles with her.  Then Elder Pape and Collin started joking around and Collin declared the night a "Poonado" and it made the night a much better feeling after a good laugh with him.

We went by Collin (different one) that we have been teaching but haven't seen for a bit. We had a really good lesson about the basics of the Book of Mormon, he's not all there but he is super nice. We got to see Henry after he came back from China which was fantastic! I've missed him. We had a good reading session and "get to know you" time with Elder Harris. He always asks really hard questions though.   When we were reading in 3 Nephi he would stop and ask a question like every line. So many things I had never thought of before. 

On Sunday we had Hetty, Gill, Henry and Maggy all at church. It was great!

So that's been my week, leaders breathing down my neck about numbers but whatever.

Love y'all

Elder Tarbet

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