Monday, May 8, 2017

April 24th—April 30th: Birthday Celebrations, a Temple Trip, and a Few New Investigators

Hello ALL!
Thank you for all of the Birthday Wishes! It was a pretty noneventful day. We just did normal missionary stuff besides when we went to visit a recent convert named Lin with the other elders. Her daughter (not a member) had made me a cake and it wasn't just any cake.  It was a death by chocolate cake.  It was so nice! They also made Elder Cossa an apple crumble because he doesn't care for chocolate too much.
Today we went to the temple and it was really great! I love getting to go to the temple and feel of the peace that it brings. I just feel so much happier when I go. It's really nice. I want to continue to do that when I return home. Yesterday, we met one of the investigators that the others had been teaching but I had not met yet. His name is Paul and he is married to Liz who was baptized about 6-ish months ago. They are a really funny couple that can run with a tangent like you wouldn't believe.  I thought that I was bad haha. We were all over the place but we were able to answer some of their questions about why bad things happen to good people. They have a son with autism and I think that makes it hard for them sometimes. Paul wants to be sure before he commits because he said that he has jumped into bad things before and he doesn't want to again. He wants to make sure that he makes the right choice.
We have also been working with a man named Jesse who has struggled with his health but he has been pushing through so that he can make it to the temple. He is an Afghan vet and a paramedic. He is a good lad. I really like him. I think that he is one of the people that I was meant to meet here in the area.

Well that is about my week but thank you for all of the emails!

Love ya
Elder Tarbet
Caelitus Mihi Vires
My Strength is from Heaven

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