Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 8th—May 14th: 'Twas a Good Week

Howdy all!
This week has been pretty alright. We started off with a street display and exchanges on Tuesday. The street display was the first one I had done in ages! I am a bit rusty in that way of contacting. It was good though—I talked to some really nice people and found a man that was interested. The others didn't have much luck, but it was good fun. The man we found was pretty great. He was walking past when I tried to stop him and he just was like, "Alright I've got a few minutes. What do you want to say?" So we talked for a little bit about what we believe and he is looking for a bit of direction in his life. He has a whole slew of issues that he faces or has faced with mental and physical health. He just wants some direction to be able to rebuild his life. We were able to set an appointment for the next day, so me and Elder Chilipagri (I think, I can't spell his name) went and taught him. It was a really good lesson. I got to share one of my favourite Mormon messages called "Like a Broken Vessel" from Elder Holland and it was a really great way to bring the spirit. Well, after we had taught the Restoration and were able to answer bits and pieces of other things he had questions about, we tried to set a return appointment. Unfortunately, the next time he is free is the first part of June so I sadly won't be teaching him again. 

On Wednesday we had a bit of an issue because we went out to a rather distant part (20 min bus ride) a bit too late and so we missed the last bus back. That meant we had an hour walk to get home. And knowing how my body likes to have great timing, guess what decided to flair up for me? My back and leg. I was not a happy boy that night or the next day. Thursday we had a fun lesson with a 93 year old lady. Her name is Hazel and she is super funny. We went to see how she is doing.  The other missionaries had taught her and a member got to know her, so he wanted us to go back with him. Friday was pretty boring, Saturday was a good day. We had Stake Conference with Elder Deniniachi (once again, I think) and it was so good! I loved Saturday night session. Sister Leece (the temple matron) was telling a story about repentance and a bishop who came back from being excommunicated to be able to stand as proxy for his ancestor who hadn't had the chance at the gospel. It was a wonderful story. I really liked it. The visiting authority was really good as well, very personable and down to earth. He was good. Sunday was also good, but Saturday was better. Sunday, Elder Masekoameng also got to Skype home to his family, which was really good for him. He got to see his new nephew. It was fun for him. 

Well that's been my week! Hope that all is well with you and I look forward to seeing you soon!
Elder Tarbet

Caelitus Mihi Vires
My Strength is from Heaven

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